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Presenting what is new in student affairs, from discussions with authors of recently published books, to issues affecting our profession to interesting people that make student affairs a unique and vibrant field.


  • Motivational Interviewing

    19/11/2014 Duration: 23min
  • Veteran's Friendly Campuses

    06/11/2014 Duration: 22min
  • Transition Camp/Extended Orientation Program

    24/09/2014 Duration: 19min
  • Importance of Co-curricular Involvement

    16/09/2014 Duration: 19min
  • Working with Adult Learners

    10/09/2014 Duration: 22min
  • Binge Drinking on Campus

    30/08/2014 Duration: 24min
  • Examining Twitter's Impact on Higher Ed.

    25/06/2014 Duration: 22min
  • IASAS General Meeting

    09/06/2014 Duration: 42min
  • Australia & New Zealand Student Affairs

    20/05/2014 Duration: 28min
  • Free Digital Resources for Student Affairs

    13/05/2014 Duration: 21min
  • Parkinson Leadership Development Model

    06/05/2014 Duration: 23min
  • Hazing on College Campuses

    27/04/2014 Duration: 16min
  • A Grad Student on the Job Market

    19/04/2014 Duration: 19min
  • Cultivating School Spirit

    13/04/2014 Duration: 22min
  • Why the need for credentialing in student affairs

    18/02/2012 Duration: 23min
  • Students and social media

    07/02/2012 Duration: 22min
  • An American's View of the Australian New Zealand Student Services Conf.

    25/01/2012 Duration: 21min
  • Technology Issues Within Higher Ed.

    13/01/2012 Duration: 22min
  • New Assessment Toolkit

    20/12/2011 Duration: 21min
  • Upcoming Book on Using Case Studies

    04/11/2011 Duration: 24min
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