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  • Episode 9-Arena Tour!!!!!!!!

    23/05/2014 Duration: 01h21min

    Hey listeners, how y'all been? We're back in business with a bumper episode nine. We belatedly talk NFL Draft and 2014 sked, NHL and NBA in the Rafters. The Turnstiles is dedicated to talk of van Gaal, Luis Enrique, Arsenal...and most importantly our respective road trips to Magic Weekend and the Scottish Cup Final. Down in Front features chat about new albums from Devil You Know and The Roots, Arrow season finale and a preview of "The Flash" TV series. We also count down our top-5 sports films. In Down In Front, we're as opinionated as ever. Enjoy, and we'll be back for Episode 'X'

  • Episode 8-Too Much Profanity, Douchebag?

    16/04/2014 Duration: 01h08min

    Apologies in advance for the swearing, we'll behave better in episode 9 This edition features more NFL chat as we discuss free agency progress and the 49ers problems with negative publicity the past week. In the Turnstiles, we chat Premier League, including some rare coverage for Liverpool and the fate of their captain Steven Gerrard. Down In Front encapsulates Game of Thrones, Nebraska and South Park: The Stick of Destiny. Onside kick is as intriguing as ever. Thanks once again for taking the time to listen.

  • Episode 7...The Good, The Bad and the Downright Irate

    04/04/2014 Duration: 01h22min

    NFL chat and Wrestlemania feature in the Rafters Manchester United, Barcelona, British Ice Hockey and F1 dominate the Turnstiles. In Down In Front it's all about the new series and the concluding series that have caught our eye In Down In Front, it's a mix of personal achievement, missions yet to be completed and then two very irate rants at what has got on our goat this past week. Have a great weekend folks!!!!

  • Episode 6-Don't Mention the Carolina Panthers

    20/03/2014 Duration: 01h17min

    The Rafters is packed with talk of NFL free agency The Turnstiles sees us discuss Manchester United (again!), Chelsea and the return of Formula One In Down In Front we discuss Dave's trip to the O2 for Country2Country, Nashville, Salamander, Intelligence and Wanted Our onside kick selections include topics such as groundbreaking documentary, London, Catalan Dragons and Steve Smith. We also have shoutouts and questions from listeners...and a brand new sound effect to add to our illustrious collection. Just don't mention the Carolina Panthers! Enjoy folks.

  • Episode 5-A Series of Cathartic Rants...and Spoilers From David

    11/03/2014 Duration: 01h01min

    Bit of a surprise to kick off this episode...but be advised, do not adjust your speakers. We talk NFL Free Agency and NBA in the Rafters. In The Turnstiles we cover the FA Cup, Scottish Cup and Premier League. The usual suspects and some new topics are featured in Down In Front. We also have perhaps the longest onside kick section in a while. In essence, we talk a lot this episode. Enjoy!

  • Episode 4.5-Junaid Hussain Interview

    02/03/2014 Duration: 25min

    Greetings listeners... Due to personal reasons, we have been unable to record Episode 5 of the podcast. However, the good news is we recorded an interview feature for the episode with Junaid Hussain which we've decided to publish as a mini-episode. We hope you enjoy listening to the insightful thoughts of Junaid as much as we did. We'll be back with episode 5 in due course. Until then, thanks for listening.