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Create the life that you want. These interviews with self-help authors and gurus offer tips, tricks and techniques to help you win in every area of life. Hosted by Danek S. Kaus, author of "You Can Be Famous! Insider Secrets to Getting Free Publicity.


  • How to Persuade People with One Word

    12/03/2010 Duration: 02min

    This is the first episode of my new Winner's Edge Moment series, which will offer motivation, self-help and success tips in just a couple of minutes. I hope you enjoy them

  • Adapting to Change in an Uncertain World

    25/08/2009 Duration: 30min

    I'll be talking with Pat Rocchi, author of "The 6 P's of Change." Pat is a coach, speaker and seminar leader. He'll share a six-point program to handle what comes you way.

  • 21 Ways to Beat Economic Stress

    20/08/2009 Duration: 28min

    Dr. Susan Smith Jones is the author of over 20 books, including "Be Healthy, Stay Balanced: 21 Simple Choices to Create More Joy & Less Stress."She will show us how to reduce the stress and anxiety caused by the current economy.

  • Acting Techniques for Everyday Life

    11/08/2009 Duration: 29min

    Actress Jane Marla Robbins, author of Acting Techniques for Everyday Life, will share secrets actors use to reduce stress, increase confidence, ace job interviews and much more. She'll also reveal some insider stories, such as what Marilyn Monroe did when she was intimidated on the set by Sir Lawrence Oliver and how Billy Crystal used a toothbrush to help him host the Oscars.

  • How to Be Smarter

    05/08/2009 Duration: 29min

    Hypnotist Brian Walsh, author of "Unleashing Your Brilliance," will teach us how to increase our smarts. It's easier than you think.

  • How to Give Foolproof Presentations

    03/08/2009 Duration: 33min

    TJ Walker, author of the best-seller," TJ Walker's Secret to Foolproof Presentations," will talk about how to give killer presentations to any type of audience. TJ is a frequent guest on national cable talk shows. He'll also share how he recently came to become the Guinness record holder for being on the most talk shows in a single day.