Third Eye Podcast


A free podcast featuring life's deepest topics and discussions and taking them on a journey through new perception, intellectual thought and wisdom.


  • Episode 3 - Energy

    Episode 3 - Energy

    26/05/2014 Duration: 25min

    Episode 3 -Energy, Discussions on electricity, types of electrical conversions (solar, wind, hydro), vibration of atoms, natural energy, biological energy, positive energy, power of mind, religious view of energy.

  • Episode 2 - Time

    Episode 2 - Time

    25/05/2014 Duration: 25min

    Episode 2 - Time, Thorough discussion on time featuring thoughts on time travel, space, the fourth dimension, time zones and the value of time itself.

  • Episode 1 - The Third Eye

    Episode 1 - The Third Eye

    23/05/2014 Duration: 19min

    Episode 1 - The Third Eye, Discusses relation with the pineal gland, religion, yoga, society and more. Creates a base of understanding for future episodes.