Diver Tough is a weekly podcast featuring Walter Lyon and Josh Toth, two U.S. Navy Submariners and Fleet Divers, turned civilians. We share our sea stories, points of view on sub-life, civilian life and more; uncut, unedited, and always amusing.


  • EP0024 - General Military Training

    EP0024 - General Military Training

    19/04/2016 Duration: 01h03min

    In this episode of Diver Tough, Walter is wrong about Jarheads, JT decides he wont go to New York with a machete and we take your Fan Questions

  • EP0023 - Special Request Chit

    EP0023 - Special Request Chit

    12/04/2016 Duration: 01h07min

    In this low-energy edition of Diver Tough the two take a step towards the random and talk about their love for Survival, JT pronounces "Sea glass" and the two talk politics and burn pits in the news.

  • EP0022 - No Shave Chit - Christopher Acord

    EP0022 - No Shave Chit - Christopher Acord

    29/03/2016 Duration: 57min

    Two in a row?! We've got another guest, the Bearded One, Navy Veteran, Submariner, and currently the Assistant Director of Race Operations at Battlefrog Racing Series, Christopher "Beard" Acord. He tells us about his time on submarines, where he went when he got out and how he got into obstacle course racing.

  • EP0020 - Best of Diver Tough

    EP0020 - Best of Diver Tough

    14/03/2016 Duration: 01h07min

    On a special "Best of" edition Diver Tough we recap some of our more fun moments on the show, and in doing so we realize Mother Nature hates us.

  • EP0019 First Wake Up

    EP0019 First Wake Up

    07/03/2016 Duration: 01h31min

    In our 19th adventure, we recap UFC 196 Conor McGregor fight, we talk about pranks on a submarine, and then we wrap things up with a JT rant on the current state of the presidential race.

  • EP0018: Repel Boarders!

    EP0018: Repel Boarders!

    29/02/2016 Duration: 01h12min

    In our 18th episode, the guys talk pets, parenting, kick off their EDC segment with a talk about knives, then they talk about what the SharkWatch is actually doing, in the news and finally wrap things up with Fan Questions.

  • EP0017 - In The Open Window!

    EP0017 - In The Open Window!

    23/02/2016 Duration: 01h04min

    In our 17th episode, JT annihilates a Battle Frog obstacle course race while Walter gets his boxing matched canceled. Then we tell you about our everyday carry items before we jump into School of the Boat where we discuss submarine weapons. Finally we wrap everything up with the news.

  • EP0016 - Divers Working the Side

    EP0016 - Divers Working the Side

    15/02/2016 Duration: 01h43min

    On the 16th installment of Diver Tough, the guys debate on great white sharks around Alcatraz, we talk about week 3 of Navy dive School and we deliver the news.

  • EP0015 - OPSEC

    EP0015 - OPSEC

    01/02/2016 Duration: 01h28min

    In the 15th installment, the guys talk about the H-Rod email scandal. JT finds glory in a dive but still has a pain in the butt and we do another round of Shipmate Advancement Boards.

  • EP0014.5 - Sea Control

    EP0014.5 - Sea Control

    26/01/2016 Duration: 53min

    On a special edition of Diver Tough the guys join the Sea Control Podcast with Natalie Sambhi! They discuss why they joined the Navy, how the podcast came about and what life in a steel tube with 100 other dudes is really like.

  • EP0014 - Upper Center Going Port

    EP0014 - Upper Center Going Port

    18/01/2016 Duration: 02h55s

    On a special edition of Diver Tough, we welcome torpedo-man extraordinaire Todd Grace to the podcast, to talk all things torpedo-man. JT and Walter debate wooly mammoths and we learn a little about bow hunting. Plus, the news and Tips for T.A.P.s

  • EP0013 - First Wake Up

    EP0013 - First Wake Up

    11/01/2016 Duration: 01h57min

    On episode 13 of Diver Tough the guys unintentionally give all the spoilers to the documentary, Making a Murderer. Later on School of the Boat, they discuss how a submarine feeds its hungry crew while trying to prove why submariners are the best fed Sailors in the Navy, plus the news and fan questions.



    04/01/2016 Duration: 01h31min

    On our dozenth episode and first of the new year we talk about our new years resolutions, JT tells us about the time he almost shot an approaching vessel. We also cover week two of Navy Dive School with Dive School Daze, plus the news and much more!

  • EP0011 - Kings Bay

    EP0011 - Kings Bay

    27/12/2015 Duration: 01h38min

    In this post Christmas episode of Diver Tough, Walter and JT talk about the holidays, presents, and Star Wars. We go over the news plus we learn what our shipmates are up to in Shipmate advancement boards.

  • EP0010 - Reactor Scram!

    EP0010 - Reactor Scram!

    20/12/2015 Duration: 01h32min

    We've hit double digits with 10 episodes! To mark this celebratory occasion, we talk a little about the podcast thus far. We issue a challenge-coin challenge, and we erase all credibility by attempting to talk submarine propulsion. We then wrap things up with the news and Tips for T.A.P's. All that and more on a great episode of Diver Tough!

  • EP009 - Liberty Call, Liberty Call!

    EP009 - Liberty Call, Liberty Call!

    14/12/2015 Duration: 01h45min

    In the latest installment, the guys talk UFC 194 and Mystic Mac. They tell a C-Story, but in this case, the "C" stands for corn. In the news, JT and Walter get into another heated debate about politics and end the show on a happy note with your Fan Questions

  • EP008 - Green Diver, Check!

    EP008 - Green Diver, Check!

    07/12/2015 Duration: 02h21min

    In this extended episode of Diver Tough, JT gets animated over the news, both guys get tangled in fishing nets and we play a little "Where are they now?" with some former shipmates.



    29/11/2015 Duration: 01h49min

    In this Thanksgiving edition of Diver Tough the guys explore the murky depths of green bean casserole, and submarine escape. JT tells us how he completed a race with a broken foot and Walter almost kills a shipmate during a drill.

  • EP006 - Divers In The Water

    EP006 - Divers In The Water

    22/11/2015 Duration: 01h21min

    On the latest installment of Diver Tough, Walter recaps his teams performance in the World's Toughest Mudder and the possibility of competing on another TV show. JT gives us the news, tells us why he drinks too much coffee and how reveals how ready he is for the Men's Health Urban-Athlon #notready

  • EP005 - Oscar Oscar!

    EP005 - Oscar Oscar!

    09/11/2015 Duration: 01h15min

    On the fifth installment of Diver Tough, JT joins in remotely as we talk about Walter's big boxing match, pre-bout, and post. We'll find out who had the nickname Frozen Planet...and we answer the burning question, are SCUBA divers really Navy divers? Plus the news and "Tips for TAPS"

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