David Hathaway



Preaching the power of faith in Jesus Christ throughout Europe. Updated every Monday.


  • Jesus loves you (with Vinesong)

    07/01/2019 Duration: 10min
  • God works miracles today (with Vinesong)

    31/12/2018 Duration: 09min
  • God is love - Christmas 2018 (with Vinesong)

    24/12/2018 Duration: 10min
  • Demonstration of Power (with Vinesong)

    17/12/2018 Duration: 09min
  • When we don't know how to pray (with Vinesong)

    10/12/2018 Duration: 12min
  • A God who changes lives (with Vinesong)

    03/12/2018 Duration: 11min
  • Freedom through forgiveness (with Vinesong)

    26/11/2018 Duration: 11min
  • The miracle of God's love (with Vinesong)

    19/11/2018 Duration: 09min
  • The Gift of Sight (with Vinesong)

    12/11/2018 Duration: 10min
  • Peace with God (with Vinesong)

    05/11/2018 Duration: 11min
  • Your day of deliverance (with Vinesong)

    29/10/2018 Duration: 11min
  • Jesus is in the boat so why are you afraid? (with Vinesong)

    22/10/2018 Duration: 10min
  • The Power and Authority of Jesus (with Vinesong)

    15/10/2018 Duration: 10min
  • Jesus never fails (with Vinesong)

    08/10/2018 Duration: 09min
  • Cheer up! God has Power (with Vinesong)

    01/10/2018 Duration: 10min
  • Miracles require problems (with Vinesong)

    24/09/2018 Duration: 10min
  • Jesus is walking towards you (with Vinesong)

    17/09/2018 Duration: 09min
  • My God is the greatest (with Vinesong)

    10/09/2018 Duration: 10min
  • Live in the promises of God (with Vinesong)

    03/09/2018 Duration: 10min
  • A new life of blessing (with Vinesong)

    27/08/2018 Duration: 10min