Buddhism For Meat Eaters: Simple Wisdom For A Kinder World

Buddhism For Meat Eaters: Simple Wisdom For A Kinder World


For many years Josephine Moon struggled with the question of eating meat, fervently wishing to live as a vegetarian yet requiring meat in her diet. From Josephine’s philosophical, spiritual and physical battle with eating meat came, Buddhism for Meat Eaters – a book for animal lovers, the environmentally and ethically conscious, and generally thoughtful people who eat meat but perhaps aren’t entirely comfortable doing so.
Open, honest and utterly without judgement, Buddhism for Meat Eaters encourages readers to be more mindful about their choices, rather than berating themselves for them, and offers ways for people to live ethically, honestly and guilt-free, whether as a carnivore, vegetarian or vegan. This highly practical guide also includes workbook-style activities and topics for consideration to guide you in your own journey to making wiser decisions on how you consume, how you live, and how to change the world around you.



  • chapter 01
    Duration: 12s
  • chapter 02
    Duration: 10min
  • chapter 03
    Duration: 13min
  • chapter 04
    Duration: 17min
  • chapter 05
    Duration: 20min
  • chapter 06
    Duration: 36min
  • chapter 07
    Duration: 32min
  • chapter 08
    Duration: 13min
  • chapter 09
    Duration: 21min
  • chapter 10
    Duration: 18min
  • chapter 11
    Duration: 25min
  • chapter 12
    Duration: 05min
  • chapter 13
    Duration: 50s
  • chapter 14
    Duration: 22s