Tao I: The Way Of All Life

Tao I: The Way Of All Life


Available only on MP3 CD! In the sixth title of the Soul Power Series, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Sha shares the essence of ancient teachings of Tao and reveals a new Tao for the twenty-first century that he received directly from the Divine.

These new divine teachings reveal how Tao exists in every aspect of life, from waking to sleeping to eating and more. Dr. Sha explains how the Tao uses the processes of creation and reverse creation for all life. He also shares advanced soul wisdom and practical approaches for reaching the Tao. In this process, healing, rejuvenation, and life transformation occur. In contrast to the ancient Taoist wisdom, knowledge, and practices, the new sacred teaching in this work is extremely simple, practical, and profound.

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  • chapter 01
    Duration: 31s
  • chapter 02
    Duration: 01h35s
  • chapter 03
    Duration: 01h04min
  • chapter 04
    Duration: 01h13min
  • chapter 05
    Duration: 01h06min
  • chapter 06
    Duration: 58min
  • chapter 07
    Duration: 01h09min
  • chapter 08
    Duration: 01h03min
  • chapter 09
    Duration: 55min
  • chapter 10
    Duration: 01h15min
  • chapter 11
    Duration: 55min
  • chapter 12
    Duration: 53min
  • chapter 13
    Duration: 58min
  • chapter 14
    Duration: 57min
  • chapter 15
    Duration: 01h14min
  • chapter 16
    Duration: 50min
  • chapter 17
    Duration: 26min
  • chapter 18
    Duration: 01h10min
  • chapter 19
    Duration: 09min
  • chapter 20
    Duration: 01min