Conversations On Donald Trump And Politics

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Join Sam Harris in a series consisting of his thoughts on the presidency of Donald Trump.We kick off the series with a conversation between Sam Harris and Andrew Sullivan, in which they sing the praises of President Trump. Andrew Sullivan edited The New Republic from 1991 – 1996 and was an intellectual architect of the campaign for marriage equality. He is the author of The Conservative Soul and Virtually Normal. Sullivan’s blog, The Daily Dish, pioneered online journalism from 2000 to 2015, and he recently revived it as a Substack newsletter, The Weekly Dish. He is writing a book on the future of Christianity, and his collection of essays will be published in 2021.—In the second installment, Sam Harris describes his new understanding of why people support President Trump.—In the third installment of this series, Sam Harris discusses President Trump’s failure to concede the 2020 presidential election.—Sam Harris analyzes a few disturbing trends and shares his hopes for 2021.---In the final installment in this series, Sam Harris discusses two dangerous misconceptions about the siege of the Capitol.