Biggest Blunders Of Wwii

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In August 1940, Berlin was hit by British bombers. Hitler immediately ordered a series of gigantic air defences be built – each one more expensive than the city’s entire Olympic facilities – but they’re ineffective and resources are wasted. The Führer also has an opportunity to force the British out of North Africa and gain control of the Middle East’s valuable oil. But he rejects his generals’ advice, just as he unnecessarily draws the United States into the war in Europe. Had Hitler kept a cool head, the war could have gone in a different direction. But the Führer was not alone in making mistakes. British and French politicians gave Hitler concessions in the 1930s and failed to send troops to Germany immediately after war was declared. The Western powers have themselves to thank for the dictator setting Europe on fire before finally going on the offensive in spring 1940. This issue reveals the worst errors of the war.