Progressive Calisthenics: The 20-minute Dream Body With Bodyweight Exercises And Calisthenics

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Do you dream of having a lean, mean, muscular body? Obliterate the old you and create the powerful, toned body you always wanted.
Are you worried that you don't have enough time to lose weight? Are you sick of the pounds stacking on and covering up your muscles? John Powers is one of the country's foremost experts in personal training. With years of experience in grueling military workouts, high-intensity training, and calisthenics, Powers spends his time helping people get the bodies of their dreams. And now he's here to help you do the same.
Progressive Calisthenics: The 20-Minute Dream Body with Bodyweight Exercises and Calisthenics provides a thorough, practical program designed to help you get results fast. Using Powers’ system as your secret weapon, you’ll soon see the fat melting away and the muscle-mass packing on.
Inside Calisthenics, you’ll learn:
- The top 12 bodyweight exercises to lose weight and build muscles
- The 10 advanced exercises to boost your progress every single day
- The 30-day challenge that will take your body to a whole new level
- The best exercises that require no equipment
- How to get those killer abs fast and much, much more!
Calisthenics is packed with practical, detailed, bodyweight workouts and nutritional guidelines. If you like step-by-step guides that are delivered by an expert and designed to get fast results, then you’ll love John Powers landmark book.
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