Valle : Book 2 of the Heku Series



The ominous Valle Faction vows to gain possession of what the Equites has hidden in the well protected Island Coven. Just as Emily thinks she’s found peace in the volatile world of the heku, she’s brutally ripped from the protective walls of Chevalier’s coven and thrown into the harsh reality of a Valle prison. Chevalier confronts the Valle and Equites Elders about Emily, and in doing so, endangers his own life. Emily’s devout loyalties to the heku faction gain respect for her among the Equites Council and ensure her place among the immortal. The Valle overstep, and the violent war that ensues endangers Chevalier’s peaceful coven and exposes traitors among the Equites. While Chevalier fights to protect Emily and his coven, the Equites Faction faces an even bigger crisis when they decide a change of leadership is long past due. The task falls to the Chief Enforcer, and Chevalier is sent on a mission that could end the Council’s turmoil. The operation could not only threaten his life, but also his relationship with Emily. Emily begins learning even more about the heku and its evil past when she comes face-to-face with one of the original heku, an Ancient. She feels the strain as she’s taken from the comfortable coven, and even with Kyle at her side, can’t find her way in the new life. Emily starts to wonder if she’s not only a danger to the heku, but if she would be safer returning to the world of the mortal and leaving her beloved heku behind. When Emily gives birth, the Valle renew their drive to capture the last Winchester heir, and even the Equites Elders begin to feel the need to defend her.


  • Valle 20

    Valle 20

    23/09/2011 Duration: 23s

    Other information on the Heku Series

  • Valle 19

    Valle 19

    23/09/2011 Duration: 27min

    The Cavalry training comes to a close and the heku suggest the Cavalry be assigned as Emily's personal guards.

  • Valle 18

    Valle 18

    23/09/2011 Duration: 25min

    Cavalry training continues, but the Encala have become curious about why the Equites have a mortal living in the palace.

  • Valle 17

    Valle 17

    20/09/2011 Duration: 30min

    Kyle and Chevalier struggle to find something for Emily to do, while they try to find out why she's still sleep walking nightly.  Emily befriends some of the heku guards in Council City, making Kyle nervous.

  • Valle 16

    Valle 16

    18/09/2011 Duration: 36min

    Emily suffers from moving pains when she begins to learn the strict rules of palace life.  She makes a deal with Chevalier to obey the orders for 2 months, and then she's off to start her own ranch.

  • Valle 15

    Valle 15

    18/09/2011 Duration: 33min

    Chevalier sets off alone to fulfil the mission the Elders assigned to him.  Once done, Emily and Kyle head to Council City to meet up with Chevalier, and to begin their new life in the main city for the Equites faction.

  • Valle 14

    Valle 14

    18/09/2011 Duration: 26min

    The Elders make a surprise visit and offer Chevalier a position of power.

  • Valle 13

    Valle 13

    30/08/2011 Duration: 36min

    Calling the yacht trip a success, Chevalier and Emily go back to the Island.  Emily decides to go check out the crypt, and runs into Larsen.

  • Valle 12

    Valle 12

    29/08/2011 Duration: 31min

    Chevalier and Kyle find Emily, who doesn't trust them after her encounter with the Ancient.  Chevalier takes Emily out on the yacht to help her recover.

  • Valle 11

    Valle 11

    28/08/2011 Duration: 31min

    Emily begins acting strangely while Chevalier is away, and Kyle throws her into prison.  It's discovered that an Ancient, the original heku, has resurfaced.

  • Valle 10

    Valle 10

    28/08/2011 Duration: 33min

    Emily runs into a former Elder for the Equites, who is hiding out on the Island.  She finally decides to break in Patra's colt, causing another fight.

  • Valle 09

    Valle 09

    28/08/2011 Duration: 30min

    The heku begin to prepare for a hurricane that threatens the island, while Emily is put on bed rest.  Emily starts labor, but the storm keeps the doctor away.

  • Valle 08

    Valle 08

    27/08/2011 Duration: 31min

    Emily gets settled into her uncle's ranch in New Mexico, while Chevalier tries to find her.

  • Valle 07

    Valle 07

    27/08/2011 Duration: 28min

    After a mishap during a turning, Emily decides it might be best for the heku if she were to leave.

  • Valle 06

    Valle 06

    27/08/2011 Duration: 36min

    Emily finally convinces Kyle to let her go on the rescue mission, and she is able to show how well she can control her abilities.  Sam returns as Emily's familiar, much to her dismay.

  • Valle 05

    Valle 05

    19/08/2011 Duration: 27min

    Chevalier is sent out on a mission for the Equites, but is attacked on his way back.  David and Kyle begin the long process to gather enough army to get him back.

  • Valle 04

    Valle 04

    18/08/2011 Duration: 32min

    As Chevalier tightens his protection on Emily, she begins to fight back and seeks some form of independence.  While out alone, she befriends an Encala, infuriating Chevalier.

  • Valle 03

    Valle 03

    17/08/2011 Duration: 32min

    Chevalier finally faces Ulrich as his army obliterate's the Valle heku.  Emily begins her recovery, but Chevalier and Kyle are called to the Equites Council to give a report on what happened.

  • Valle 02

    Valle 02

    16/08/2011 Duration: 32min

    Chevalier confronts the Elders about Emily's disappearance.  Emily wakes up in a strange set of rooms and discovers that she's now in the custody of the Valle.

  • Valle 01

    Valle 01

    15/08/2011 Duration: 26min

    Chevalier and Kyle learn about how Sam has been watching over Emily.  The unspeakable happens and Emily finds herself in the custody of the Valle.