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Spiritual Medium, Paranormal Investigator, Afterlife researcher, Gypsy , Seeker of knowledge and NDE Survivor.Welcome to my world.Sponsored by Colorado Para-techwebsite: http://coparatech.comFB: Colorado Para-techand AUTHENTIC CONJURE, HOODOO & WITCHCRAFTCrescent City Conjure2402 Royal St. New Orleans, LAEstablished 2015, Crescent City Conjure has become a beacon for the spiritual community.We are a full-service conjure shop that provides spiritual products, consultations, tarot readings, and a variety of other services.Visit us in the historic Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans. Our mission is to provide an authentic experience of magical practices. Stop by for a spell!


  • S2 E3: Eric Vitale

    S2 E3: Eric Vitale

    08/03/2020 Duration: 47min

    Castmember for Travel Channel Hit Show " GHOST LOOP"Paranormal Investigator and Researcher

  • S2 E2: Sean Austin

    S2 E2: Sean Austin

    09/02/2020 Duration: 48min

    Lets chat with Sean Austin Star of Travel Channel's hit new show GHOST LOOP

  • S2 E1 Sen Elias

    S2 E1 Sen Elias

    05/01/2020 Duration: 01h05min

    From a young age, Sen Elias could feel the tug of magic calling him to practice the occult. During his journeys he has studied European Witchcraft, Southern Folk Magic, and Western Hermeticism. He is an initiate of the Alexandrian tradition. Sen Elias is also the owner of Crescent City Conjure which is a magical business that maintains it’s reputation for authentic spiritual tools to be used in Witchcraft and Southern Conjure. Sen Elias has dedicated his life to the pursuit of magical truths, and he endeavors to continue teaching the mysteries of his craft and learning from the wise.Visit Sen Elias online at

  • Episode 12 : Charlotte Grace

    Episode 12 : Charlotte Grace

    27/10/2019 Duration: 01h02min

    Loves Spells and Halloween ChatCharlotte Grace is a Psychic, Medium, Witch and Mental Health Specialist.

  • Episode 11 : Cin

    Episode 11 : Cin

    06/10/2019 Duration: 56min

    Join Cin and I as we discuss our spiritual lineage and how it was growing up in the Savinon family.

  • Episode 10 : Kevin Otte

    Episode 10 : Kevin Otte

    28/07/2019 Duration: 01h07min

    Co-Founder of " Ghost Watch Paranormal" , Movie Producer and over all awesome human!

  • Episode 9 : Sharla Hardin

    Episode 9 : Sharla Hardin

    07/07/2019 Duration: 59min

    Director of: Ghost of War SeriesCo Founder of : Girls vs Ghosts

  • Episode 8 : Jack Kenna

    Episode 8 : Jack Kenna

    23/06/2019 Duration: 01h06min

    Paranormal , Tech Specialist , Public Figure and Author.Join me as I chat with Mr. Kenna and take a look at his world.

  • Episode 7: Patrick McQueary

    Episode 7: Patrick McQueary

    14/04/2019 Duration: 57min

    Paranormal Investigator at The Haunted SideLead Singer// Songwriter // Musician at The

  • Episode 6: Sean Austin

    Episode 6: Sean Austin

    24/03/2019 Duration: 55min

    Sean Austin is a paranormal Investigator, Medium, Singer, Song Writer and Author.

  • Episode 5: Ken Boggle

    Episode 5: Ken Boggle

    10/03/2019 Duration: 01h03min

    The amazing Ken Boggle. Tarot Date with Ken Boggle ( VIDI SPACE)

  • Episode 4: Tim Shaw

    Episode 4: Tim Shaw

    24/02/2019 Duration: 01h16min

    The Jack of all trades!

  • Episode 3: Dave Spinks

    Episode 3: Dave Spinks

    10/02/2019 Duration: 01h04min

    Paranormal Investigator, 30+ years of expirience, Lecturer, Public Speaker and Author.

  • Episode 2: Kristie London

    Episode 2: Kristie London

    27/01/2019 Duration: 01h35min

    Medium, Reiki Master and over all amazing human.

  • Episode 1: Sen Elias

    Episode 1: Sen Elias

    20/01/2019 Duration: 01h09min

    Episode 1 : Sen Elias , Part Preacher, Part Witch, 100% Conjure man. Owner of Crescent City Conjure in New Orleans, LA