Understanding Creativity With Mitch Lagos (daily)



Creative Energy is a flow that can be understood and used to grow creative output. I'll be exploring concepts and exercises to grow our creative flow together and help you create the things you want to. Voice Message me your creative questions or send them to mitchell.lagos@gmail.com and I'll discuss them here.


  • The Importance of DOING

    11/04/2018 Duration: 09min

    nike had is right. Just Do It. That's at the core of all creative success is DOING the thing.

  • Dealing With CRITICISM

    08/04/2018 Duration: 07min

    5 tips for dealing with criticism. Have you ever been told your not good enough, by others or yourself?? Well its not true! And ill tell you why.

  • my unfortunate auditon experience

    02/04/2018 Duration: 12min

    Had an audition today. Always learning yet thinking that the audition system does not get the best out of performers or the best peformers for the jobs. Thus not the best theatre.

  • Jesus as a Performance Artist

    01/04/2018 Duration: 08min

    Jesus' creative works were his teachings. Stories full of wisdom. He knowingly suffered an elaborate death to give his teachings the power to live on 2000 yrs plus so we can learn from him and remove negativity from our lives. What do you think?? Happy Easter!

  • 5 Tips For Beginner Writers

    31/03/2018 Duration: 13min

    Do you want to write? Have you tried writing and not been able to get beyond your first attempt? Try these tips to help you allow flow and a quantity of writing. If you have any creative questions voice message me on ANCHOR or email me (voice message or writing) at mitchell.lagos@gmail.com . Cheers and thanks for listening!

  • 6 Morning Exercises for CREATIVE FLOW

    30/03/2018 Duration: 10min

    Start your day right with this basic morning creative exercises. I practice them all everyday. 1. Breathing and affirmations 2. Meditation 3. Morning pages 4. Morning draw 5. Morning share 6. Morning Music

  • 7 Things The Future Holds

    29/03/2018 Duration: 09min

    Technology is creative energy and evolution coming together. What does this expenential growth of robotic life forms hold for us in the future??? Mitch lists 7 (or8) ideas he thinks will change the world very soon.


    28/03/2018 Duration: 03min

    what is creativity?? how do you utilise it?? this is a teaser of more to come

  • BUGS

    28/03/2018 Duration: 04min

    Little monsters, meditating with mosquitos and a Bugs Life 2?!? Mitch has great thoughts.