Aprenda Inglês Com Música



"Aprenda Inglês com música" é um projeto da Teacher Milena- www.teachermilena.comBaixe o PDF de todas as aulas gratuitamente! Cadastre-se para ter livre acesso à biblioteca #aicm (Aprenda Inglês com música)https://www.teachermilena.com/aprenda-ingles-com-musicaQuer apoiar a série comprando o super pacotão? Siga o link ;) https://www.teachermilena.com/aicm-super-pacotaoConheça os outros projetos da Teacher Milena:CURSO INTENSIVO http://www.workshop.teachermilena.com/TEACHER MILENA FLIXhttps://www.teachermilena.com/flixTeacher Milena nas redes sociais: @teacher.milenagurgel Canal no YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6BWQaeJ2t4npJvYSxqWy6g-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Learn English through music" is a project created by Teacher Milena. It may very well serve English speakers learning Portuguese, since the lyrics and expressions are translated. All notes are available on a bilingual PDF that can be downloaded here: https://www.teachermilena.com/aprenda-ingles-com-musicaThere's also a Youtube channel with the same lessons on video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6BWQaeJ2t4npJvYSxqWy6gIf you are interested in taking Brazilian Portuguese online lessons, write to me: hello@teachermilena.com


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