I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Bipolar

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This podcast discusses how Bipolar Disorder affects people who suffer from it and those around them. Even though some medical terms are used, this podcast is mainly from a laymans perspective. Each podcast covers a single topic. During each podcast, the symptoms, the negative and positive aspects of the topic, and different ways to deal with them.


  • Episode 8: A Temporary Problem

    07/01/2016 Duration: 22min
  • Episode 7: From a Certain Point of View

    29/07/2015 Duration: 14min
  • Episode 6: You would not like me when I'm angry

  • Episode 5: I Feel Good

    28/05/2014 Duration: 12min
  • Episode 4: Eating Worms Part 2

    28/05/2014 Duration: 11min
  • Episode 3:Eating Worms Part 1

    23/05/2014 Duration: 10min
  • Episode 2: Introductin to Bipolar Disorder Part 2

    08/04/2014 Duration: 15min
  • Episode 1

    01/04/2014 Duration: 14min
  • Episode 0

    19/03/2014 Duration: 04min