Stephen J. Kosmyna

In the Silence is the Answer



Chances are you are not going to find the answers and the solutions to your problems by grinding it out using your intellect. In fact, to get to the results in your life you wish to experience, both personally and professionally, I recommend getting out of your head completely. We have to get to a place of clarity before we can efficiently use the mental faculty of reason to assist us. We usually find the solution by not even thinking about the problem, by releasing it and letting it go. You may say, "You don't understand, I need answers now, quickly, and I'm not finding them!" I do understand, I've been there. We have to reset our consciousness. We have to expand our conscious awareness. We have to move to that place where Infinite Intelligence takes over. All the great minds of the ages have done this and you can too. Listen in to todays episode, learn how you can 'forget about it' and find all your answers by moving into the silence. Dr. Koz (and effect!) Dr. Stephen J. Kosmyna, Ph.D. The Genesis Frequenc