Anal Milfs Bundle 8-pack : Books 1 - 8 (anal Sex Erotica Collection)

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There's one thing the MILFs in these stories have never done before and there's a man in their lives that they definitely shouldn't do it with! Read how hungry MILFs take it in their virgin behinds for the first time, from adult men half their age!
Contains books 1 - 8 of the 'Anal MILFs' series, featuring: 'Popping My Anal Cherry At 40!,' 'He's in My Butt,' 'Taken in the Fitting Room,' 'I Kicked Her Out To Take Him In My Behind,' 'His Anal Fantasy Became Mine' 'Slide it in My Butt, Darling,' 'All Aboard the Anal Boat,' and 'Putting My Naughty Lodger in My Tight Behind.'