Albert Jack's Mysterious World

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Albert Jack now turns his attention to the mysteries that have haunted us throughout history.
Albert Jack's Mysterious World cleverly combines his research with riveting stories and hilarious observations.
All life's most perplexing questions answered: UFOs, Crop Circles and Alien invasions Where is the Mona Lisa? (clue: it's not in the Louvre) Is the Loch Ness Monster really a circus elephant? Will the real Paul McCartney please stand up?
What happened to the Mary Celeste? Who killed Marilyn Monroe? What was Agatha Christie's own mystery? Who was Jack the Ripper? And many, many more...
With enough entertaining information to fuel hundreds of pub conversations, fascinating illustrations and all kinds of discoveries to surprise even the most expert conspiracy theorist, "Albert Jack's Mysterious World" is the perfect present for anybody who's ever wondered why...
Albert Jack has become something of a publishing phenomenon, clocking up hundreds of thousands of sales with his series of best selling adventures tracing the fantastic stories behind everyday phrases (Red Herrings and White Elephants), pub history (The Old Dog and Duck), food history (What Caesar did for My Salad) invention (They Laughed at Galileo) and nursery rhymes (Pop Goes the Weasel).
Albert Jack offers a crash-course in skeptical thinking and - although he doesn't put it like this - ways to wield OCCAM'S RAZOR and focus on the real evidence - The Independent (London)
The man with all the answers is Albert Jack - Daily Express


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