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'DOT, DOT, DOT … erotic encounters', includes two novellas — READ ALL ABOUT IT — a newspaperman falls for a beautiful widow, who wants to know what happened to her famous husband. She believes that the newspaper columnist can solve her mystery. His past includes one glorious moment, but his fame cannot help him as he falls for the beautiful lady with the shadowy past. The sex is amazing, but in the cold light of day, his doubts begin to haunt him.
UNEXPECTED is the story of an older married woman who falls in love with a chef. His past tugs at his heart while her unhappy marriage, draped in privilege, leads her to explore her sleeping passion. They find comfort in each other’s arms, but finally, they must decide which way their relationship lead them.
Eleven short stories trace the awakening of an injured husband who is learning to love the wife he has forgotten. Sam learns to love Scarlett all over again.
Other stories include a piece of furniture that featured in a torrid lovemaking session, a promise of physical delights signalled by a summer skirt, a gambler hopes his luck will hold on one particular night, and a modern woman uses her feminine wiles to live a life as an industrial spy.
Real people make love with their pants off (except for Columbus Pitello) and they use explicit language that describes their activities. Lovers explore each other’s bodies and endeavour to keep their sex lives fresh and lively.
The characters in these stories have needs, and they play out their desires and fantasies as people have done for as long as the human race has existed.


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