The Crowded Hour: Theodore Roosevelt, The Rough Riders, And The Dawn Of The American Century

The Crowded Hour: Theodore Roosevelt, The Rough Riders, And The Dawn Of The American Century


The dramatic story of the most famous regiment in American history: the Rough Riders, a motley group of soldiers led by Theodore Roosevelt, whose daring exploits marked the beginning of American imperialism in the 20th century.

When America declared war on Spain in 1898, the US Army had just 26,000 men, spread around the country—hardly an army at all. In desperation, the Rough Riders were born. A unique group of volunteers, ranging from Ivy League athletes to Arizona cowboys and led by Theodore Roosevelt, they helped secure victory in Cuba in a series of gripping, bloody fights across the island. Roosevelt called their charge in the Battle of San Juan Hill his “crowded hour”—a turning point in his life, one that led directly to the White House. “The instant I received the order,” wrote Roosevelt, “I sprang on my horse and then my ‘crowded hour’ began.” As The Crowded Hour reveals, it was a turning point for America as well, uniting the country and ushering in a new era of global power.

Both a portrait of these men, few of whom were traditional soldiers, and of the Spanish-American War itself, The Crowded Hour dives deep into the daily lives and struggles of Roosevelt and his regiment. Using diaries, letters, and memoirs, Risen illuminates a disproportionately influential moment in American history: a war of only six months’ time that dramatically altered the United States’ standing in the world. In this brilliant, enlightening narrative, the Rough Riders—and a country on the brink of a new global dominance—are brought fully and gloriously to life.


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  • 003 CrowdedHour Chapter1 ThePuerilityOfHisSimplifications
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  • 004 CrowdedHour Chapter2 OneDoesNotMakeWarWithBonbons
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  • 005 CrowdedHour Chapter3 ABurstOfThunder
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  • 006 CrowdedHour Chapter4 TheDaysOf61HaveIndeedComeAgain
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  • 007 CrowdedHour Chapter5 ThisUntailor-MadeRoughness
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  • 008 CrowdedHour Chapter6 APerfectWelterOfConfusion
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  • 009 CrowdedHour Chapter7 WhoWouldNotRiskHisLifeForAStar
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  • 010 CrowdedHour Chapter8 NoCountryOnTheEarthMoreBeautiful
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  • 011 CrowdedHour Chapter9 We'reLiableToAllBeKilledToday
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  • 012 CrowdedHour Chapter10 TheMonotonyOfContinuousBacon
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  • 013 CrowdedHour Chapter11 AnAmphitheaterForTheBattle
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  • 014 CrowdedHour Chapter12 Humpty-DumptyOnTheWall
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  • 015 CrowdedHour Chapter13 TheyLookJustLikeOtherMen
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