Barons Of The Sea: And Their Race To Build The Worlds Fastest Clipper Ship

Barons Of The Sea: And Their Race To Build The World's Fastest Clipper Ship


“This crisply told story of the race to build the fastest ship in the world reads like a thriller, reminiscent of the best of Nathanial Philbrick’s sea writing. It carries the reader along like a precious cargo on the high seas. I simply could not put it down.”
— Admiral James Stavridis, Chairman of the US Naval Institute and former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO


  • BaronsOfTheSea 001 Open

    Duration: 17s

  • BaronsOfTheSea 002 Quotes

    Duration: 56s

  • BaronsOfTheSea 003 Foreword

    Duration: 02min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 004 Prologue ThePatriarch

    Duration: 13min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 005 Ch1 TheCantonSilverCup

    Duration: 44min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 006 Ch2 BreakingIntoTheFamily

    Duration: 31min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 007 Ch3 OpiumHostages

    Duration: 47min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 008 Ch4 YankeesInGotham

    Duration: 36min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 009 Ch5 MazeppaAndTheProblemChild

    Duration: 43min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 010 Ch6 CaptainNat

    Duration: 36min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 011 Ch7 FamilyPressureUnderSail

    Duration: 30min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 012 Ch8 MemnonDelanosCaliforniaBet

    Duration: 58min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 013 Ch9 EnterDonaldMcKay

    Duration: 29min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 014 Ch10 GrinnellGrabsTheFlyingCloud

    Duration: 30min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 015 Ch11 AtTheStartingLine

    Duration: 31min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 016 Ch12 AroundTheWorld

    Duration: 57min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 017 Ch13 FrightfulToLookAloftSovereignOfTheSeas

    Duration: 01h01min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 018 Ch14 GreatRepublic

    Duration: 36min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 019 Ch15 HillAndRiver

    Duration: 39min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 020 Ch16 SurpriseAndDanger

    Duration: 58min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 021 Ch17 GloryOfTheSeas

    Duration: 23min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 022 Ch18 KeepingItInTheFamily

    Duration: 27min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 023 Appendix

    Duration: 03min

  • BaronsOfTheSea 024 Credits

    Duration: 32s