Transformation: Discipleship That Turns Lives, Churches, And The World Upside Down

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Acknowledgments... 9
Part 1
Survival Questions for the Church:
What Would Your Church Be Like If... ?
1. How Do We Find Our Voice Again?... 17
2. Where Does the Church Fit?... 39
3. Why Are We Growing Churches Apart from Transformation?... 58
Part 2
T-Life: Creating a Culture
for Personal Transformation
4. When Will Jesus Be Enough?... 77
5. Can Following Jesus Ever Be Private?... 96
6. What If the Church Were the Missionary?... 105
Part 3
T-World: Creating a Church for Transformation
7. What Would It Look Like for the Church to Turn the World
Upside Down?... 127
8. Do We Want to Be the Biggest Church in the Area,
or Church the Area?... 139
9. What Do You Get When a Church Combines Billy Graham
with Mother Teresa?... 156
1. Profile Qualities for Church Planters... 171
2. Clarifying Your Calling... 177
3. What Happens When We Capture Jesus’ Vision for the
Kingdom and Start Kingdom Churches?... 179
Endnotes... 181
Subject Index... 183