Mcnallys Risk [abridged]

Mcnally's Risk [abridged]


A Murderous Maze of Sun-Drenched Scandal

When elegant, drop-dead gorgeous Theodosia Johnson steps ashore in Palm Beach, even the most jaded roving eyes stop to notice. Sophisticated champagne heir Chauncy Wilson Sackville-Hersforth is equally enchanted by this mysterious beauty, but when he proposes marriage to her, Chauncy's mother isn't nearly so impressed.

Archy McNally, the brilliant, blithe-spirited hero of McNally's Luck and McNally's Secret returns to unravel the puzzle surrounding Miss Johnson. However, he too falls under her romantic spell...and bodies begin to appear like uninvited guests at a poolside dinner party.

Shocking, swank, and more fun than a weekend in Palm beach, McNally's Risk is full of sure-fire suspense that only Lawrence Sanders can deliver.

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