Nicola Kelly



Reporter for the BBC World Service & BBC Radio 4. Here are my stories - and some on the road stuff.


  • BBC World Service 'Newshour': sex trafficked from Nepal to Syria

    14/09/2016 Duration: 05min

    From Nepal to Syria. That's the route girls as young as 7 are now taking, exploited by human trafficking networks. Most of the girls were orphaned in last year's earthquake and they are now seeking 'the golden dream': earning a lot of money working in a mansion in the Middle East. When they arrive in Syria, they are sold to brothels and dance bars, their passports confiscated, unable to return home. This report ran on Newshour, Newsday, World Update and was pick of the day for the World Service's Global Update podcast.

  • BBC Radio 4 'From Our Own Correspondent': Senegal's DJ school

    12/09/2016 Duration: 05min

    Senegal, one of the starting points for many migrants on the now well-trodden and ever more life-threatening journey through Libya to Europe, has been hit hard by the outward flow of its bright young things. Aware of the situation, local municipalities have stepped up funding for initiatives like this, a DJ school for aspiring musicians. I went to meet Amadou and DJ G G Base on the outskirts of Dakar to find out more.

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