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The internet cried out for two more blowhards so Will Link (@the realwilllink) & Sean David (@theseandavid) answered that call. Each week they sit down with fascinating, sexy people to learn the secrets of their success. Then, armed only with wit and anger they take on the pressing pop culture topics of the day.


  • Ep. 231 - Emily Stern - A Smart Blanket

    10/10/2016 Duration: 01h08min

    Emily Stern (@whatastern) works in casting when she’s not featuring in Lady Gaga music videos. We discuss Miss Gaga and her oncoming onslaught on the pop culture landscape. Killer Clowns are everywhere - is the Republic doomed? People at concerts are awful, what can be done?

  • Ep. 230 - Jeff LE - Rock and Rolla Cola Wars

    03/10/2016 Duration: 01h03min

    Jeff LE (@therealjeffle) is a quadruple threat. He’s a writer, a director, a lyricist and a musician. Today though, he’s a podcast guest. I know it’s hard to keep up with the daily, incessant crazy train that is this election season, but we discuss Trump’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon. There’s a bunch of new shows out - which are we watching and which star Kevin James? Sometimes getting what you wished becomes its own curse. In totally unrelated news, Will now has a full time job - let’s check in with him.

  • Episode 229 - Steven Brandon - Sheket B'Vakasha

    23/09/2016 Duration: 01h11min

    Steven Brandon (@stevenb29) rejoins us for his fourth time. this time to discuss his upcoming show, “Game of Thrones: The Musical.” But who cares about all that because TATIANA MASLANY WON AN EMMY!!!! (Also a bunch of other people…we guess).

  • Episode 228 - Patrick Hamilton - Ode to a Tight Urn

    19/09/2016 Duration: 01h06min

    Patrick Hamilton (@killbykillpod) writes for a living. In fact, you have probably read some of his ad copy without even realizing it. He also co-hosts the Kill by Kill podcast where each week he dissects (not literally) Jason’s victims from the “Friday the 13th” film series. Football season has begun and with it some new and some old controversies. Lena Dunham really stepped in it last week - three men will sort her out. The iPhone 7 was released but Will is none too excited over some of the changes. Who wants to own a Jar o’ Capote?

  • Episode 227 - Fall Movie Preivew 2016

    12/09/2016 Duration: 01h01min

    The Summer sucked so join the boys to preview the Fall 2016 movie season!

  • Ep. 226 - Grace Harryman - Bad Ju-Ju There

    05/09/2016 Duration: 01h06min

    Grace Harryman (@graceharryman) finally makes it onto the show. She was waylaid last time by an errant car and a most unfortunate concussion. We talk comedy, sketch and improv with her. The upcoming Oscar contender “Birth of a Nation” comes to theaters riding a wave of controversy regarding director and star Nate Parker. Should IMDB publish actor’s ages? What about cinematographer’s? Hillary Clinton is muscling into the podcasting business and we don’t like it. I’m in pain, and I’m wet and RIP Gene Wilder!

  • Ep. 225 - Linda Bailey Walsh - Hummus and Pita

    29/08/2016 Duration: 01h13min

    Linda Bailey Walsh (@lindawalsh) joins us for  sleepy. jet lagged episode. She hosts the storytelling show Hate Date: Tales of Digital Dating and Other Disasters. The Rio Olympics happened - what did we miss? Spoiler Alert, not much. Which modern day trends or artists will be popular 100 years from now? You know that things are bad when you can’t even trust Taco Bell. In Flakka we Trust!

  • Ep. 224 - Emmys 2016 - Ball or Shaft?

    08/08/2016 Duration: 55min

    Emmy’s 2016! Will and Sean break down the unusually strong and sensible nominees in all the major categories. And remember, ten seconds of archived screen time could disqualify you.

  • Episode 223 - Jacob Strunk - Dying of Con Flu

    01/08/2016 Duration: 01h16min

    Jacob Strunk (@sevenmileswest) is a filmmaker and Comic-Con aficionado. He tells us why we should consider going down to San Diego next year. We talk about all the news out of this year’s Comic-Con before wallowing in the sadness that was the RNC and the DNC. Horse shampoo gets its own Con and Will is ready to tell you all about it.

  • Ep. 222 - Chloe LaFond - Frontloading your Meat

    25/07/2016 Duration: 01h05min

    Chloe La Fond (@clomojo) co-stars with friend of the podcast Alex Alexander on the web series “The Way Black Show.” She is also a sometimes foot fetish model. We dig in to all of it. There’s a gay character in the new Star Trek movie and, of course, the internet is atwitter. Pokemon Go is here to kill us all. A beloved Long Island institution is about to close and Will has some thoughts. Taco Bell delivers once again.

  • Ep. 221 - Kim Kalish - Can You Do the Segue?

    18/07/2016 Duration: 01h12min

    Kim Kalish (@kimkalish) is an actress, comedian, and frequent sketch performed on Conan. We aren’t certain how amused she was by us, but nonetheless everyone had a blast. Can women bust ghosts? We discuss. There’s a new Bridget Jones movie coming out, and some people have opinions on Renee Zellweger’s personal decisions. Well meaning people trying to set us up with women need to get their act together. Come to the LA Zoo for the animals, stay for the comedy.

  • Episode 220 - Debbie Jhoon - Don't Memorize, Mesmerize

    11/07/2016 Duration: 01h04min

    Debbie Jhoon (@dsho). She has written on such shows as “The Neighbors,” “Kevin from Work,” and “Deadbeat.” BFG came out to mixed reviews and poor box office. Did we see it? Kanye West released a disturbing music video for his song “Famous.” Did we see that either? Will has been a loyal Entertainment Weekly subscriber for twenty years, but that might all change. A big summer movie is about to be released, and that means novelty fast food products!

  • Ep. 219 - Dick Wound & Minimus Maximus - Met at a Munch

    04/07/2016 Duration: 01h07min

    Minimus Maximus (@minimusmax) and Dick Wound (@dickwound) from the BDSM podcast “Off the Cuffs” are our guests this week. We discuss their discovery of BDSM and what the scene is like out on Long Island. We wrap up this season of Game of Thrones and discuss shows that everyone but you enjoys. Social media is changing and we’re getting left behind. DVDs were sold to us as the wave of the future. Well the future is here and DVDs are not keeping up. Keep the monkeys out of the power station!

  • Ep. 218 - Ed Galvez - I'd Call it a Gimmick

    27/06/2016 Duration: 55min

    Ed Galvez (@edgalvez), comedian and actor is our guest this week. We learn what it’s like to play the lead zombie in the feature film “Amigo Undead.” Another tragedy, another cycle of Twitter nonsense - how are we supposed to handle ourselves on the internet during these times? Have you watched the 8 hour documentary “OJ: Made in America”? Because if not, you should - it’s the one of the greatest films we’ve ever seen. Another week, another half-baked bit of cinematic nostalgia in theaters. This week we take aim at ID:4 2. Stupid. RIP Anton Yelchin. :-(

  • Episode 217 - Julia Pels - Jim Whacker

    20/06/2016 Duration: 01h06min

    Julia Pels (@queercomedian) is our guest this week. She’s funny, she’s an LBGTQ activist, and she c0-hosts an awesome storytelling show. Will is a big fan of the Lifetime show “Unreal.” What “off-brand” pop culture are we fans of? Film director John Carney bad mouthed Kira Knightley - when, if ever, is it okay to bad mouth celebrity co-stars? Artificial Intelligence is now writing screenplays and Will is NOT happy.

  • Ep. 216 - Bridget Phetasy - By Hook or by Peg

    13/06/2016 Duration: 01h08min

    Our guest this week is comedian and writer Bridget Phetasy (@bridgetphetasy). Please make sure to read her amazing weekly column for Playboy - trust us, it’ll open your mind grapes. Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic nominee - we discuss this historic event. Muhammed Ali died - we eulogize him in possibly the most half-assed way possible. How do you deal with people who are clearly lying to you? Will would like to know.

  • Ep. 215 - Tara Price - The 800 Pound Topic

    06/06/2016 Duration: 01h14min

    Tara Price (@tarapriceless), she of the impossible name, returns to the podcast to discuss her directorial debut, “Ear Worm.” Captain America is an agent of H.Y.D.R.A. and fanboys are pissed. Bill Cosby is going to trial, and fanboys are pissed. It’s hard to muster anger these days when a certain Donald is sucking the oxygen out of the room……and fanboys are pissed.

  • Ep. 214 - Paige Devitt - Get on Knit

    30/05/2016 Duration: 56min

    Paige Devitt (@paigesdevitt) is the writer of the web series “Three People” starring former guest Alyssa Sabo. It’s graduation season, and that means commencement speeches. We recount our own and wonder why they never seem to make the impact they are intended to. We meditate on “peak TV” and make some hard choices over which shows we will keep watching. Two tourists at Yellowstone tried to be good citizens by “saving” a baby bison, instead they unleashed hell.

  • Ep. 213 - Megan Hayes - Wait for the Click

    23/05/2016 Duration: 01h01min

    Megan Hayes joins us this week. She recently returned from Atlanta, where she’s also from, having co-starred in the two person play, “Sex with Strangers.” You might recognize her from “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” where she plays the Morphling who saves Peeta. Do video games ever translate well to the big screen? We discuss. There was a reaping of TV shows last week - what survived and what got cancelled? Corporate branding is getting out of hand and Will has some thoughts. A man in Israel is trying to sue God - because why not?

  • Ep. 212 - Jon Weinberg - Not All Dogs Go To Heaven

    16/05/2016 Duration: 01h06min

    Jon Weinberg starred and directed the upcoming indie film “Funeral Day” - we talk to him about it. Harriet Tubman is coming to a bill near you; which awesome historical figures haven’t received proper cinematic obeisance? Radiohead messed with the internet - do we care? Louis CK recently performed in Oxnard, CA - something tells me that this sleepy agricultural town was not equipped for the hipster invasion.

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