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  • Episode 5 - Fate Reforged Set Review - White

    Episode 5 - Fate Reforged Set Review - White


    New set means a big set review. This is a FRF crack a pack and the set review for white. The scale and written ratings are below the podcast link.Episode 5 - Fate Reforged Set Review - WhiteLimited10 - This is an auto draft auto include in every deck, even as a splash. Not found in every set.9 - Most powerful card in the format, worth splashing if you can make it work.8 - Solid bomb status. Cards that require an answer or you lose.7 - Powerful cards that can lead you to a win.6 - A significantly above average card in your deck.5 - An average card in your deck. You rarely cut it unless your deck is insane.4 - Filler cards you wish you didn’t have to play. But sometimes you do.3 - Bad cards that you should be embarrassed to play but still might have to at some point.2 - Cards you shouldn’t ever play. because they are very, very bad.1 - Cards that actually do nothing.+ - This card is better than most at this grade.S - This grade indicate the value of this card plays in your sideboard.Constructed10 - Multi-format

  • Episode 4 - Mechanics Reforged

    Episode 4 - Mechanics Reforged


    In our fourth episode we look at the mechanics for Fate Reforged. Some design notes on Dash, Bolster, and Manifest.Episode 4 - Mechanics ReforgedJoin us as we get into the swing of the new year with a special announcement.

  • Episode 3 - Vegas Masters

    Episode 3 - Vegas Masters


    In our 3rd episode we discuss the recent announcement of Modern Masters 2015 and Grand Prix Las Vegas.Episode 3 - Vegas MastersLet's take a look at some likely reprints. What do you want to ditch right away? What cards are safe? Will we see another Goyf reprint?What is inside a $10 pack of magic cards.

  • Episode 2 - Health of the Format

    Episode 2 - Health of the Format


    Our second episode is up.Episode 2 - Health of the FormatIn this episode we discuss the upcoming release schedule as well as a look at the health of the Standard and Modern formats.

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