LPLE is a podcast dedicated to helping people who are learning English practice their English listening skill. Jesse and Andrew, LPLE show hosts and native English speakers, have a regular native English conversation, and speak slowly and clearly so that the listeners can better understand the conversation.


  • LPLE #1: Welcome to LPLE!

    LPLE #1: Welcome to LPLE!

    20/03/2016 Duration: 08min

    Welcome to LPLE, "Let's Practice Listening in English!" Jesse and Andrew, your LPLE hosts, talk about their favorite foods and travel experience. Join in the conversation! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to ask us questions about English conversation and meet other English language learners all over the world. Twitter: @LPLEDialogFM Facebook:   Transcript Intro [Jesse]: Hi everyone. My name is Jesse Robbins, and welcome to LPLE from dialogue FM. We're the podcast that lets you practice listening in English. We speak English slowly and clearly so that you can follow along and understand native English speakers more easily. I'm excited to help you improve your English listening skills, as well as help you learn new vocabulary, grammar, and idioms commonly heard and conversation among native English speakers. If you want to practice listening in English, then we invite you to join our conversation. Jesse: Andrew, what is your favorite food? Andrew: Pizza is the first thing that come

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