Spark: The Radically Authentic Life With Michelle Vandepas


How do you navigate and align who you are with what is happening in the world? What is the balance between protecting yourself emotionally and speaking your truth? How do passion, skills and giving back to society fit in with doing what you came here to do? Where does the intersection of purpose and profit come together? If you have a drive to make a difference in the world, don't know how to capitalize on doing what you love and are on a mission to share your knowledge this show is for you! This podcast is an alternative to Emerging Women, Sounds True and Super Soul Sunday.


  • Live in Your Body using Human Design with Sandra Lee

    23/06/2016 Duration: 19min
  • Live Your Purpose

    15/03/2016 Duration: 30min
  • Phenomenal Memory with Frank Healy

    17/02/2016 Duration: 32min
  • Interview with author Lane Everett

    11/02/2016 Duration: 21min
  • Purpose, Human Design with Evelyn Levenson

    11/02/2016 Duration: 30min
  • Dave Buck Master Coach On Visibility of 40

    14/12/2015 Duration: 54min
  • Erin Smith The Starters Club

    02/12/2015 Duration: 23min
  • Abeer Seikaly Award Winning Shelters for Refugees

    22/11/2015 Duration: 23min
  • Marketing to Mellennials w Amanda Abella

    17/11/2015 Duration: 29min
  • Being a Podcast Guest- How to Rock it Tips!

    29/10/2015 Duration: 26min
  • Human Trafficking Diana Scimone on Finding Purpose

    27/10/2015 Duration: 24min
  • What is your Talent and Genius with Nancy Marmolejo

    22/10/2015 Duration: 28min
  • Kathleen Gage - Animals, Apples and Authorship

    20/10/2015 Duration: 23min
  • Andrew Morrison on The Tiny House Movement and Creating Your Freedom

    15/10/2015 Duration: 27min
  • Michael Drew Marketing, Books, and Cycles

    13/10/2015 Duration: 26min
  • Addictions, Spirit and the G word with David Chaloner

    08/10/2015 Duration: 37min
  • Michael Paler - Street fighter to Pacifist Sifu Tai Chi Master

    06/10/2015 Duration: 28min
  • Craig Filek On Purpose Mapping and His Enlightened Child Work

    02/10/2015 Duration: 23min
  • What is Purpose and Passion?

    29/09/2015 Duration: 06min
  • Doug Foresta on Always Being on Purpose

    25/09/2015 Duration: 27min
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