Welcome to the home of the @ScrapCitySports Podcast! This podcast is five guys who all share the same passion that is Chicago Sports. This podcast came about when the group of us would have a crazy text message chain that would be 100's of messages that we began to think maybe we should open the forum up for more people to hear our thoughts. The pilot podcast which you should see the link for below is an idea that began over two years ago. The pilot is little rough around the edges but we strive to get the show perfect. Please give us a listen and expect improvement in the very near future.





    The cast and crew of TheJCShow talk the NHL and the best time of the year the NHL Playoffs! Strap in for over an hour of NHL action and predictions! The show includes Josh, Christopher, Carmen, The Chef, and Contalkshockey

  • TheJCCShow #9

    TheJCCShow #9


    Easter edition of TheJCCShow!Show number nine we talk BASEBALL with opening day today and breakdown every MLB division. In the Show we learn Josh's futile NCAA knowledge. Contalkshockey breaks down the Blackhawks and their playoff push. Con also gives us his Stanley Cup Final prediction. We also have D Rose and the Bulls future!

  • TheJCCShow Podcast #8

    TheJCCShow Podcast #8


    March madness has begun, NFL free agency who went where, Johnny Toews and the Blackhawks on a roll, which Chicago Bulls would you want on the court to close out a game? Carmen verse Julius Thomas, the resurrection of Danny Amendola! Hide your cheeseburgers the Hamburglar is on the loose!

  • TheJCCShow #7 3.7.15

    TheJCCShow #7 3.7.15


    Welcome to the 7th installment of TheJCCShow.Recapping the worst week in Chicago sports history, breaking down bears draft potential, spring training updates, Hawks trade deadline breakdown, figuring out where the Bulls go from here. Also joined by @ConTalksHockey Along with Floyd verse Pac we may have a new rivalry brewing in Carmen verse Justin Bieber! Give us a listen!

  • TheJCCShow Podcast #5

    TheJCCShow Podcast #5


    Welcome to the 5th installment of TheJCCShow! We are really excited to bring you everything Chicago Sports! Josh, Christopher, Carmen, and Fish share their passion for sports. In this episode we discuss the Super Bowl, Blackhawks, Bulls, Rob Manfred, the NBA and a lot more! Recorded at the beautiful Kennilworth Studio's!

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