Kian and Jc: Don't Try This at Home!

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From personalities and entertainers Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen comes a completely wild and entirely true account of their rise to internet fame: Kian and Jc: Don’t Try This at Home! More than 7 million YouTube subscribers, 5 million Twitter followers, and 5 million Instagram followers cannot wait for this sometimes hilarious, sometimes awkward, and always crazy collection of stories and interviews narrated by the Kian and Jc themselves.

Fans of their YouTube channel, KianAndJc, can expect an intimate look at the comedians’ wild ride to fame and insight into their future plans, along with big laughs. This candid record of Kian and Jc’s success documents a whirlwind experience full of highs, lows, and, of course, awesome pranks.

Kian and Jc: Don’t Try This at Home! combines the raucous tone that made the duo YouTube sensations with the sincerity and honesty Kian and Jc fans have been waiting for.


  • 021_Disclaimer A Message from Kian and Jc

    Duration: 19s
  • 022_Days on the Road with Jc

    Duration: 02min
  • 023_Hey, Jc, Do You Want to Get Married

    Duration: 59s
  • 024_Lights! Kian! Action!

    Duration: 01min
  • 025_Lightning Round

    Duration: 01min
  • 026_When We Get Old

    Duration: 02min
  • 027_Credits

    Duration: 34s
  • sample

    Duration: 01min
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