Keep Sharp: The Ultimate Guide To Mind Hacking Secrets That Would Help You Overcome Adversities And Achieve Success In Life

  • Author: Colin Lavern
  • Narrator: Marcus Mulenga
  • Publisher: Author's Republic
  • Duration: 0:31:45
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Keep Sharp: The Ultimate Guide to Mind Hacking Secrets That Would Help You Overcome Adversities and Achieve Success in Life

“No matter what I do, everything in my life seems to work against me.” If this kind of thought has entered your mind before, then this audiobook is for you. This kind of crippling mindset is what stops you from achieving success. You may think this is just passing thoughts that you have from time to time but you don’t realize the power of your mind and how it has a significant impact in helping you achieve your goals. Why do you think you have those hopes and dreams in your heart? Are they simply to just think about or are they there to torment you? No, they’re not. They are there because they are meant to be fulfilled.

This audiobook will teach you how you can hack your own mind so that it can reach its full potential. You will learn strategies on how you can persevere through all of life’s ups and downs. You will also discover how you can find those crippling mindsets that prevent you from taking action and trying.

This audiobook will discuss the following topics:

- Set Small Targets

- Welcome the Unexpected

- Embrace Willpower

- Reward Achievement

- Motivation Comes From Thought

- And much much more!

When you hack your mind to become more motivated and confident, anything is possible. You might become a millionaire after listening to this audiobook! If you want to learn the powerful secrets that can help you win over adversities in life, scroll up and click “add to cart” now!