Bone Chase

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"In this audiobook, Ethan and Shannon are on a quest to prove that the giants mentioned in the Bible's Book of Genesis really existed and may still be here. Their quest is 'the bone chase.' Narrator Kevin R. Free portrays Ethan as a 'brainiac' mathematician with a cautious nature and Shannon, his ex-girlfriend, as a bright and no-holds-barred former Army captain whose guerrilla fighting skills keep them alive. Free's voice and phrasing of both cautious Ethan and hotshot Shannon are enjoyably on target. The humor, romance, and adventure scenes sprinkled throughout give Free a chance to demonstrate skills with timing and rhythm. Listeners will find this fantasy adventure a welcome distraction from the everyday."


  • 001 BoneChase Open

    Duration: 13s
  • 002 BoneChase Epigraph

    Duration: 25s
  • 003 BoneChase Chapter1

    Duration: 13min
  • 004 BoneChase Chapter2

    Duration: 10min
  • 005 BoneChase Chapter3

    Duration: 18min
  • 006 BoneChase Chapter4

    Duration: 21min
  • 007 BoneChase Chapter5

    Duration: 08min
  • 008 BoneChase Chapter6

    Duration: 09min
  • 009 BoneChase Chapter7

    Duration: 09min
  • 010 BoneChase Chapter8

    Duration: 10min
  • 011 BoneChase Chapter9

    Duration: 16min
  • 012 BoneChase Chapter10

    Duration: 20min
  • 013 BoneChase Chapter11

    Duration: 11min
  • 014 BoneChase Chapter12

    Duration: 11min
  • 015 BoneChase Chapter13

    Duration: 15min
  • 016 BoneChase Chapter14

    Duration: 11min
  • 017 BoneChase Chapter15

    Duration: 08min
  • 018 BoneChase Chapter16

    Duration: 08min
  • 019 BoneChase Chapter17

    Duration: 16min
  • 020 BoneChase Chapter18

    Duration: 12min
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