The Safe And Responsible Teenager 2-in-1 Combo Pack

  • Author: Bukky Ekine-Ogunlana
  • Narrator: Nikky Delgado
  • Publisher: T.C.E.C Publishers
  • Duration: 5:39:50
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Are you still unsuccessfully trying to control your rowdy teenager? Here’s what to do instead…

Any parent of a teenager can relate to being the recipient of eye rolls, locked doors, and plenty of angst. And loud shouting matches or stony silences are probably a regular occurrence in the household.

Understanding teens can feel like an impossible task for most parents. When your child is on their phone all day, locked in their room and only answering you in one-syllable mumbles, how are you supposed to have any idea what is going on in their lives?

Adolescence is a trying time in any child’s life, and this transition from child to adult can be hard for both parent and child to handle.

If you think back to when you were a teenager, you can probably remember the issues you faced, such as dealing with the changes in your body and looking at members of the opposite sex differently, all while managing schoolwork and a burgeoning social life.

Teenagers today still have to deal with all of that, and with the additional pressures of social media, which increases the tendency to compare yourself with others, it causes them to feel even worse about themselves.

In The Safe and Responsible Teenager 2-in-1 Combo Pack, you will discover:

A two-pronged approach that addresses how to manage your teenager while preparing them to become responsible adults

How to have “The Talk” with your teen without the awkwardness and embarrassment

And much more.

If you want to avoid years of conflict with your teen and set them up for future success and happiness, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.


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