Mom, I Am Always With You

  • Author: Christina Torry
  • Narrator: Jessica Caruso
  • Publisher: Author's Republic
  • Duration: 2:23:29
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The struggle of faith against addiction is real, but then, so is the sheer tenacity of a Mother’s love for her child. Jacob Huffman was one of those people almost too good to be on this earth. He was unusually gentle, young man who lived in this world but was marked and known by his true dedication and deep love for God. Jacob, fell victim of the opioid and fentanyl crisis by trying to find release from the deep pain that he was in from enduring a traumatic situation the last two years of his life. Jacob was aggressively trying to overcome his addiction and was prepared to turn in one of his hometown drug suppliers being he was witnessing the lives that were being taken by overdosing from the deathly drugs that these drug dealers were selling and would freely give away to vulnerable people to test the strength of these street drugs. On April 5th, 2018, Jacob’s mother reported his disappearance, and subsequently, a few days later he was found upside down in the passenger seat of his mother’s car which was hidden for three days. Those that are responsible for Jacob’s death kept his body hidden for several hours after he took his last breath while nefariously plotting how to dispose of his lifeless body. Local Law Enforcement attempted to cover up the murder of Jacob for ulterior motives which forced his mother to conduct her own investigation into his untimely death. The tenacity of this mother’s love was forced to seek justice for her son and vindicate his heinous death, and her life was almost completely destroyed in a ruthless pursuit of justice coupled with a broken heart for the life so agonizingly stolen from her only son.