Manipulation: Influencing People With Dark Psichology, Mind Control And Persuasion

  • Author: Richard Avant
  • Narrator: Jordan Reader
  • Publisher: Author's Republic
  • Duration: 3:39:28
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Do you believe people's brainwashing occurs only in films? Do you believe using the subconscious mind is something that only crazy people would attempt to do?
The reality is that we are imperfect as human beings. We have shortcomings. And if you study these weaknesses and get to understand them, you will have enormous authority in your hands. When you master the correct methods of manipulation, the real ones, you can fully affect the thinking of other people and make them do what you want.
Manipulation brings with it a lot of adverse connotation, but at some stage we've all used it, and it's probable we've also been a topic. It's just the method used to get someone to do something particular for you. It can be presented in the form of a television commercial, a road billboard ad, or a sales person attempting to persuade you to buy a product or service. In your daily social, private and career lives, psychological manipulation abilities can be very helpful.
This book can be your guide to manipulation in all its aspects–from the very basics to the techniques you can use to manipulate others, such as persuasion, mind control, and NLP, to the tactics used by malicious manipulators on innocent people to hurt and take advantage of them, as well as how to combat them.
At your fingertips, it's all in here. In this book you’ll learn:
- Using Blame Or Guilt To Influence Others
- Proven NLP Manipulation Techniques
- How To Make Other Do What You Want Using Unreasonable Requests
- Tips And Trick To Make You Own Manipulation Techniques
- How To Master Body Language To Influence People
- What leads people to manipulate others