Enneagram: The Power Of Self-discovery

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The Enneagram has been a profound tool of self-discovery and self-transformation. Over the years, the tool has gained popularity in the corporate, social and religious circles. Millions of people have used the Enneagram to discover their personality and know who they really are.
Yet the missing link has always been how the insight provided by the Enneagram can be leveraged to change the status of homes, families, relationships, marriages, companies, institutions and organizations. It makes no sense to know who you and keep on living the same old lifestyle.
But this seems to be the story in the lives of many people who have discovered the Enneagram. It is sad to say that the old self-destructive, self-limiting and self-sabotaging behaviors are still being repeated in the life of many people. Therefore, even though they have taken the Enneagram test, their lives have not changed for the better.
This book is not about another theory of the Enneagram. The focus is on how you can leverage the insights gleaned from the Enneagram to develop a healthy personality. You want to see how you can eradicate the destructive behaviors that have been exposed by the Enneagram and replace them with essential qualities that enable you to maximize your potential and become the best version of yourself.
Therein the book lies the hidden secrets of how the power of the Enneagram can transform your life and take you to a higher realm of prosperity in life. If you are struggling with old habits and behaviors, you will find the secret sauce to cripple them and become a changed person. As you develop a healthy type of personality, you will observe a tremendous impact on all spheres of life.
Enneagram contains all that you need to bride the gap between self-discovery and self-transformation. You will learn what you need to go from an unhealthy type of personality to a healthy type.
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