Kris Makes Donuts



I lost my job because an insurance company lied so I refuse to work legally for anyone else until they come clean and fix their mistake. Paying taxes would mean they get away with it, and I can't let that happen. In the meantime I create content, play the stock market, and make predictions in hopes to generate an income on my own. This podcast will follow my break it to make it.Thank you for listening. & &


  • 00002 - the podcast has moved

    00002 - the podcast has moved

    30/11/2019 Duration: 16s

    The podcast has moved, you can join me at my new location -

  • 00001 - An Introduction to Kris Makes Donuts

    00001 - An Introduction to Kris Makes Donuts

    30/03/2019 Duration: 40min

    I had to temporary divorce with Twitter, because I temporarily hated the internet.... But we have been through so much together I felt it was important to rekindle this relationship and give it a go. I got stuck on this topic through out the introduction so I want to thank you for listening.