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Join Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox and his friends for talk on politics, sports, tech and pop culture. It's the podcast you didn't know you needed...and probably don't.


  • Davis Smith on the origins of Cotopaxi, the impact of Questival, and life-changing survival trips

    12/07/2019 Duration: 50min
  • The latest from the campaign trial, the 2019 Democratic debates, and NBA Free Agency

    01/07/2019 Duration: 53min
  • Campaign kickoff recap, obscure Utah history, Escalante pronunciation controversy, and KD goes down in game 5

    11/06/2019 Duration: 46min
  • 'World's largest' energy storage announced in Utah, importance of our rural communities, and our NBA Finals preview

    31/05/2019 Duration: 49min
  • Scandinavian Days in Ephraim, five "on-the-rise" Utah companies, revisiting the Scofield Mine disaster, and Game of Thrones???

    21/05/2019 Duration: 56min
  • We're running for Governor!

    14/05/2019 Duration: 55min
  • Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Transcontinental Railroad with Doug Foxley and Spencer Stokes

    07/05/2019 Duration: 32min
  • John Curtis on his quirky socks, his time as the mayor of Provo, and the bipartisanship in Congress

    24/04/2019 Duration: 31min
  • Adam Brown on researching the Utah legislature, his latest book, and how to get involved in politics

    18/04/2019 Duration: 33min
  • National Siblings Day, Jon Huntsman to run for governor rumors, the tax deadline, and Jazz playoff preview

    11/04/2019 Duration: 50min
  • Spencer Cox goes to Washington, the food scene in D.C., recommended Utah dishes, and Jazz updates

    04/04/2019 Duration: 32min
  • The Mueller Report, March Madness, tech in our homes, and the return of Jimmer

    25/03/2019 Duration: 32min
  • Recapping the legislative session, running for office in high school, and all things hoops

    19/03/2019 Duration: 58min
  • Day 43 of the legislative session, the best Utah road trip destinations, and our most on-brand stories

    13/03/2019 Duration: 33min
  • Tom Adams on how Utah's outdoor industry has changed and getting the youth outside

    07/03/2019 Duration: 31min
  • All things 'Cold' with creator and host, Dave Cawley

    02/03/2019 Duration: 56min
  • Legislative Session updates, the Sanpete Messenger, 'Millennial-splaining', and the Wasatch Academy

    22/02/2019 Duration: 34min
  • The Legislative Session, Utah Medicaid expansion, and the narrative behind SB96

    14/02/2019 Duration: 01h09s
  • Steve Starks on his history in Utah politics, the Utah Jazz and Rudy's All-Star snub

    02/02/2019 Duration: 01h02min
  • 2019 legislative session preview, the US government reopens, and Jon Cox's new book

    26/01/2019 Duration: 01h26s
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