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  • Dying, Death, Funeral$$$

    05/08/2022 Duration: 01h05min

    There's several people here whose name you HAVE to get right.  The boat police came after Alex on her kayak on the Maumee. You, if you won Mega Millions. I think you'd be MUCH different. My Dad made prefuneral arrangements, for himself, so this led us into a long discussion about death. We need more retail downtown. 

  • Deja in The Drag-Verse

    03/08/2022 Duration: 36min

    FLOYD CAME TO VISIT! For a few big announcements. August 19 at Pride. A preview of Deja's appearance on Camp Wannakiki on OUT TV. 

  • TPS Preview With Heather Baker

    02/08/2022 Duration: 27min

    I don't think I will ever have to say Heather's title again. It's testing my brain, tongue and Invisalign (dizzy emoji!). Her title is long and her passion for TPS is enormous! So glad Zepf Center friend Larry Smith connected us so Heather can talk about an upcoming community event for TPS, and a nice little preview of the 2022/23 school year. First up! The meeting for the Waterville amphitheater was...overcrowded, so postponed.  And, I need to apply an Ed Sheeran song analogy to some things you love, that won't stop arising. 

  • I’m Not A Loser!

    01/08/2022 Duration: 24min

    It's Taco and Marg Fest week at the Huntington Center. Will it go off smoothly? It's a strength to know your weaknesses.  Deshaun Watson was suspended (only) six games. A mf'er of a dog in the neighborhood.  I stole a lot when I was a kid. Technically, I'm never allowed back into Sports Authority.  It doesn't matter if WE are in the R word. 

  • Talking Renaissance

    29/07/2022 Duration: 39min

    Ch. 43 of When Should Kids Go Back To School? Madi Words, with inflection and tone from Mom/Bethany. The 80s and 90s music that the Beyonce album sounds like.  Bethany a billionaire? I shed a few tears Wednesday and yesterday over the end of a long relationship, and other judgments from Bethany about my home.

  • Local Creator On Beyonce Album

    28/07/2022 Duration: 54min

    A month or so ago I was told that a local individual was working on the new Beyonce album. What?! Renaissance hits tonight/tomorrow at midnight, but please let me introduce you to a local producer/creator Jameil Aossey. Track 1 and 13 are works of his. From Cedar Rapids, to Marco's to Symbolyc One and collaborations with some of the big artists you know and love.  It was a blast of an hour talking his (humbled) dedicated moves through the industry, the contact from Team Beyonce, and our soon to be recorded fantasy football podcast. I'm half serious/kidding. 

  • All (Most) Of Your Toledo Traffic Concerns

    26/07/2022 Duration: 01h05min

    Just yesterday I learned what a STROAD is. It's not good! Good, and beyond, is what Sean Burnett is and all of his vast knowledge as the Commissioner of Traffic Management for Toledo. That sounds really mundane. But he wants to make sure we get around town as safely, quickly and efficiently as possible. If his lights aren't working, we are in chaos. We need to work with him, and he wants to work with us so Vision Zero is a success. First up, HE doesn't need charity and that was a lousy word to use. I hope there was an apology.

  • A$$hole Words

    25/07/2022 Duration: 30min

    Maybe Cheese Born With It were the Great Food Truck Race runner ups. Despite all the blistering reviews, the Gray Man was a worthy watch. I don't think I mentioned it in the episode, but lousy reviews of Netflix movies can be misleading because SO many want Netflix to fail From the Gray Man ASSHOLE words. I have a list. I have HAD a list. The next Phases of Marvel content (not TOO nerdy). I'm equally excited and scared. As soon as I read the word ENCROACHMENT I knew I wasn't going to like a blog post on a site I really really enjoy. 

  • Four Day Work Week?

    20/07/2022 Duration: 35min

    On Friday I told you Alex was seething in anger Thursday. The story why. Miller Diversified is going to give the four day work week a chance. Let's discuss! What's Alex watching? I had a physical. Allow me to explain depression in a very short few minutes. 

  • Maybe Cheese In The Finale!

    19/07/2022 Duration: 35min

    Lots and lots of voices on today's episode. First up, Sugar and Keith from Maybe Cheese Born With It, our local Great Food Truck Race finalists. Second, Ofc's Neal and Hatch are by to talk TPD recruitment. 

  • Just Chillin In The Studio

    15/07/2022 Duration: 45min

    This week hasn't worked out as planned, so it's just Bethany and I with... Pizza Palooza Working at TSA Food trucks A local opener for Pat Benatar tonight Expensive flights A disappearing dog 988 goes active

  • Tramain Rayford from The Program

    14/07/2022 Duration: 52min

    I came across Tramain's name in this WTOL article last month after another teen shooting. His advocacy work to help teens need better role models or influences fascinated me so of course I wanted to do a podcast visit. I wasn't quite sure to expect. But I found out about the needed VOLUNTEER driven work The Program does, and the fantastic places Tramain has been, and the perspectives that have come with that. 

  • Podcast About Not Podcasting

    12/07/2022 Duration: 20min

    The Ability Center's initiative, and new podcast are live! Oh no, is it too small!? Kengo-nation expands, to this casino this time. Cosmic Zillow. I'm in some modest HOA drama. Maybe Cheese Born With It is in the Great Food Truck Race semifinals. A very interesting BG pet show is tomorrow. Imagine a new show taking you back to the best version of where that show came from.

  • A Stranger Things Question

    08/07/2022 Duration: 44min

    Is Stranger Things a kids show? Brittney Griner is in a terrible situation, of her own carelessness. You missed $2.38 gas this morning. Waterville may be getting a 9000 seat amphitheater. Unbelievable microbrewery laws in NJ. Bethany is back from the land of Coke. Madi's got moves. No Thor spoilers.

  • I’m Not Anti-Tattoo

    07/07/2022 Duration: 12min

    Thank you SO much to Wendi Huntley, who was recently in this space, for the tour of her fantastic operation Connecting Kids to Meals.  Reminder about the daily blog page.  It's getting harder and harder to find shows you like that others are watching too. A tattoo story that will have you thinking differently about them.

  • Almost Saw Santana

    07/07/2022 Duration: 28min

    Alex scored some really good tickets to go up and see Santana, but a foul mood and some misfortunate set in. Then Santana collapsed! Alex is FOR all the exploding things, whenever and almost wherever. What made you think they were rich when you were a kid. 

  • Putts For Mutts

    06/07/2022 Duration: 12min

    Much like Nature's Nursery, Fur Angels Rescue takes care of injured animals.  Thanks to Jill Borkowski for taking time to tell me (and you) all about what they do, how you can help (foster foster foster!) and their upcoming Putts For Mutts event on July 24th at Legacy Golf Club. They have a truly money-can't-buy (OK, A LOT of it could) auction item at a historic American venue that will catch your attention. 

  • The Fireworks* Will Continue

    05/07/2022 Duration: 21min

    Something may have toppled Kate Bush's resurrected hit. My first afternoon/night with Invisalign was a bit of an adventure, and lots of mental gymnastics. Things are much better now! Seriously, the closest I've ever ever to a gun, or what war is like. Fewer flags for July 4th? More people than not, are miffed about late night firecrackers*. That's what they are. Fireworks were what you saw Saturday over the river. The 6th Backstreet Boy, and it's not me. It's nearly 40 years ago, so yeah, that counts as a fossil!

  • Toledo Helps Ukraine (Again!)

    01/07/2022 Duration: 24min

    I'm happy to have Alona Matchenko back in studio. She recently was overseas providing aid, so we talk about that, and the upcoming Toledo Helps Ukraine wine and canvas event in BG next, wait no, later this month. First, I DO feel positive we have hit the peak of gas prices and inflation.  My work neighbor is a tortoise?  The UT and BG football programs may be in peril due to what the Big 10 just did. 

  • East Toledo Family Center Friends

    30/06/2022 Duration: 31min

    I know a good amount about East Toledo, but I've not spent enough time there. So I was really thankful to get an invite to get to know and see all the East Toledo Family Center has to offer. It's an irreplaceable part of the 05. Before the visit with Jodi and Shelby...WORKCATION!

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