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V E N U S your biweekly spiritual supplement bringing you food for thought to enrich all aspects of your living experience. Your Hosts Taylor, Serena and Cherish will have featured guests speaking on topics that help us all feel and bring us all closer, whilst unveiling their complete individuality.




    24/01/2019 Duration: 40min

    Is it a Eulogy? The Episode starts of with nervous laughter as a means to avoid the tears. We then explore Cherishes grieving process by acknowledging the journey that brought her to a space where coping and dealing with grief was a detached and gradual process. The trauma of being a refugee child and trying to adapt to a life that was founded in distance. This episode is only a smidge of Cherish's process, as the days goes by different layers are coming to surface. (Bare with me) Find out who made it to this weeks #NETFLICKS SEEEGMEEEHNT as well as this weeks Song Features consist of "Sabrina Claudio - Stand Still" , Samthing Soweto - Molekane" & Simphiwe Dana -Zandisile". (All rights reserved by the artsists. @venuspod

  • NETFLICKs  SPILL ft Coco

    NETFLICKs & SPILL ft Coco

    11/01/2019 Duration: 01h06min

    This week Cherish is joined by VENUS' very first ever guest, Coco aka Codelia. The fiery and passionate Leo lets us into her life and gives us a glimpse of just who she is! (TW)She also touches on the "Surviving R. Kelly" docu series whilst Cherish gives her own perspective. VENUS introduces a more relaxed episode though with a focus on allowing the guest to delve deeper leading to a more vulnerable and open conversation. FEATURED SONG : BAISHE KINGS - "Im Up There" #NETFLICKS #QUESTIONOFTHEPRESENT #DILEMAORMESS _____________________________________________________________ @ohsococo | @fashionforteuk | - @VENUSPOD



    05/01/2019 Duration: 41min

    This week, Cherish catchs us up on her year so far! What has proactivity meant and what does it look like for her right now? Continuing on from Ask & It Is Given by Ab & Esther Hicks we are introduced to different ways we can play along with the workings of Law of Attraction in mind. SONG FEATURED | FLY by Vimbai Rose & SG DILEMA OR MESS | @SixBrownChicks #QUESTIONOFTHEPRESENT