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  • We Never Fail Because We Can’t, But Because We Don’t

    We Never Fail Because We Can’t, But Because We Don’t

    12/02/2021 Duration: 05min

    For most, big picture “failure” is never because of lack of abilities or capabilities, but because of lack of willingness to face the pain of not being good enough and lack of effort in fixing what must be fixed.

  • When Someone’s Not Happy For You

    When Someone’s Not Happy For You

    07/02/2021 Duration: 03min

    How do you handle someone you value who is not happy for you? MD shares an empathetic perspective and approach.

  • The Pursuit of Greatness vs Happiness

    The Pursuit of Greatness vs Happiness

    05/02/2021 Duration: 03min

    MD shares how the pursuit of greatness isn’t always compatible with the pursuit of happiness.

  • Mastering Unrealistic Expectations

    Mastering Unrealistic Expectations

    03/02/2021 Duration: 05min

    MD shares how identifying, controlling and deploying unrealistic expectations can affect your personal and work life.

  • The Cost of Changing Someone Else

    The Cost of Changing Someone Else

    01/02/2021 Duration: 05min

    MD shares a caution about the effort to influence others. Sure, you can influence and change people. But, know the risk you’re taking and how to protect yourself.

  • Moving On Stronger

    Moving On Stronger

    30/01/2021 Duration: 05min

    In this episode, MD shares how reflecting on your efforts during a struggle can help you move on stronger from a loss.

  • Don’t Quit. Evolve!

    Don’t Quit. Evolve!

    09/11/2019 Duration: 05min

    In this podcast, get the inspiration you need to keep going and solving the challenges you’ve been facing. Let’s go!

  • Calibrate Your Weaknesses or Bad Tendencies

    Calibrate Your Weaknesses or Bad Tendencies

    04/01/2019 Duration: 05min

    Stop that which prohibits you from success. In this episode, we explore the flaws and tendencies that keeps all of us from giving ourselves the best chance at success everyday.

  • Be Ambitious To Keep Your Best Days Ahead of You

    Be Ambitious To Keep Your Best Days Ahead of You

    04/01/2019 Duration: 05min

    That which stops growing starts dying. Enough with the #tbt - let your ambition have the best of you, not your yearning for the past glory days. Your best days can be ahead of you instead of behind you.

  • Be Smart and Get Help

    Be Smart and Get Help

    05/06/2018 Duration: 06min

    Knowing when to get help is so critical to success in life! We just can't afford to let pride or shyness keep us from getting the critical help we need to overcome. Listen now!

  • Show Them Who You Are

    Show Them Who You Are

    08/05/2018 Duration: 07min

    Beating pain and an existential crisis can be tough. But it can be done. Be a person of action and don't let a defeatist mindset take root. Listen now!

  • Thoughts on Fairness in Fights

    Thoughts on Fairness in Fights

    11/04/2018 Duration: 10min

    While a healthy relationship is fair, in the moment of conflict, the leader in the relationship simply cannot expect to be treated fairly but be willing to step up as the peacemaker, understanding that the health of the relationship is more important than the ego of their own heart or head. Let me explain. Listen now!

  • No One Owes You Anything

    No One Owes You Anything

    03/04/2018 Duration: 11min

    You need thicker skin to survive the thorny bush that is social existence. Owning the reality that no one owes you anything, that no one is obligated to be good will set you free to be good for yourself and protect your own soul. Hit play and listen!

  • Overkilling Your Relationship

    Overkilling Your Relationship

    14/03/2018 Duration: 06min

    Too much of a good thing can be bad for your relationship. How to not overkill your relationship in this must-hear podcast.

  • Inaction Kills

    Inaction Kills

    06/03/2018 Duration: 06min

    We talk a lot about what actions can do to build or damage a relationship. But it is inaction - the lack of action - that does more to damage a relationship often times. Here's why and how you can improve on this.

  • Construct... Don’t Complain

    Construct... Don’t Complain

    28/02/2018 Duration: 06min

    We miss so many opportunities to strengthen the bond between each other when we face negative circumstances or difficult situations. We squander those opportunities by choosing to complain instead of having constructive conversations, turning a negative into a beautiful relationship-building moment. Listen now for a key approach.

  • Acting vs Being Caring

    Acting vs Being Caring

    21/02/2018 Duration: 07min

    The closer you get to someone, the more it matters for you to genuinely care for them. Those closer to you values the energy and effort that you put into really understanding them. Genuine care and compassion comes from a place of empathy. Just acting like you care is more about yourself (self-righteousness or pride) - doing it only because you want to be able to say you were good or right. But actually digging in and spend the energy to feel with someone - that is what is truly good for your relationship. To have a mature relationship, we must act mature by making this important distinction between acting versus being caring.

  • People Who Rarely Apologize

    People Who Rarely Apologize

    13/02/2018 Duration: 07min

    Don't be someone who rarely apologizes. Difficult and controlling people rarely apologize. Being quick to say sorry (and mean it) only makes you better. Here's why...

  • A Rant: Indifference As A Tool

    A Rant: Indifference As A Tool

    11/02/2018 Duration: 06min

    What do you do when someone hurts you and has no remorse? You take your power back. Check your heart to make sure you're right. Then, use indifference as your tool to regain your power. Don't underestimate your ability to not care.

  • Feeling vs Becoming Better

    Feeling vs Becoming Better

    05/02/2018 Duration: 08min

    If we are too quick to medicate ourselves with "feel good" motivational talks, we might miss out on an opportunity to grow in a moment of personal challenge. Becoming better sometimes mean delaying feeling better so you can push yourself to change out of personal conviction.

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