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  • Called To Serve: Dr. Ben Carson Helps With Housing


    K-LOVE’S Ed Lenane visits Washington D.C., office of the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Secretary Ben Carson is a former neuro-surgeon who calls himself a man of ‘deep faith’ and now helps to remove red-tape for families pursuing the Ame

  • ‘Veggie Tales’ To Be ‘Born-Again’ For Current Kids


    After more than a decade of secular oversight, the singing vegetables you loved are back to tell Bible stories. K-LOVE’s Richard Hunt talks with co-creator and voice actor Phil Vischer about the upcoming reboot of tales from the beloved cucumber and tomat

  • 18-Wheelers Welcomed As 'Convoy Of Hope'


    Disaster strikes. Homes destroyed. Families left hungry and overwhelmed. Convoy Of Hope rolls 18-wheelers into fires and floods loaded with FREE food, cleaning supplies, toothbrushes and towels in the name of Jesus. K-LOVE’s Richard Hunt talks with COH sp

  • Living In Your Car At Church


    'Safe Parking Zones' invite people sleeping in their cars to camp in church parking lots. Background checks plus strict rules for noise and trash make it work. K-LOVE's George Rath talks with Jim McCorkle of Overlake Christian in Redmond WA and Finny Abra

  • Aged-Out Foster Teens Learn Sweet Skills At Non-Profit Bakery


    K-LOVE's Monika Kelly goes on-location at 'For Goodness Bakes' to meet a master cookie-maker who converted her business to a job skills program that mentors kids forced out of foster care at age 18.

  • Vets Housed In Tiny Homes, Get Help for PTSD


    Veterans Community Project operates in Kansas City, Missouri to supply employment and mental health resources regardless of discharge status. Men and women live in 'barracks-style' homes specifically-designed for vets suffering P.T.S.D. K-LOVE's Joel Reag

  • 'Troops To Teachers' Gives Vets New Mission


    With the motto 'proud to serve again' veterans can choose to transition from military life to active duty as highschool teachers. Participating vets say Troops To Teachers gives them a way to continue their service to the country. K-LOVE's Billie Branham

  • ‘Notes Of Hope’ Help Suicide Jumpers Think Twice


    The Foresthill Bridge towers 730 ft above unforgiving earth. Armed with colorful paper and zip ties, Brittany Hendricks and Notes of Hope volunteers go to the edge to leave messages for lonely souls. At least one suicidal person so far called the hotline

  • Foster dad: “You never outgrow the need for a family”


    Older kids in foster care ages 8-18 too often spend their childhoods between homes and 'age out' unprepared with no place to go for Thanksgiving. CAFO helps Christians reclaim their historic reputation for comforting vulnerable children. K-LOVE's Joel Rea

  • Free music lessons give foster kids a new groove


    For foster children tossed by parental abuse or neglect, learning to play a musical instrument can be welcomed relief. “They’re able to put the pain and the trauma that they’ve been through into songs that they’re performing," says Laura Wood of Kids In A

  • Back-To-School Stress-Free? It's Possible!


    From sleep schedules to lunch prep, K-LOVE'S Billie Branham gets expert tips from a pediatrician about getting your kids ready for school.

  • Gardeners Donate Extra Veggies Using AmpleHarvest.org


    You grew way too many tomatoes this year. Your zucchini went crazy. And who's gonna eat all those cucumbers? What if you could donate all your extra veggies to a hungry family near you? K-LOVE's Susan Miller finds out how.

  • Baseball Star Darryl Strawberry Found God, Kicked Drugs


    In the years since addiction wrecked his sports career, Darryl found relationship with Jesus and met and married his wife Tracy. The Strawberrys are both recovering addicts who travel speaking to gov'ts and churches about their curriculum called “Clean, S

  • Opioid Plague Takes U.S. Gov’t To Church


    The U.S. Dept of Agriculture is alarmed about the staggering number of opioid overdoses in America's farming towns. Desperate for answers, the USDA established a faith-based team which regularly discusses how local church leaders can tackle addiction in t

  • Dr. James Dobson, 82, Still Offering Family-Focused Advice


    Wisdom is timeless, as proven by the ongoing ministry of world-famous psychologist Dr. James Dobson. For more than 40yrs his unwavering biblical perspective on marriage and parenting has guided Christian families, first as founder of Focus On The Family a

  • 'Dry Drowning' After Summer Swims - Get The Facts


    If your child coughs and sputters in the pool or ocean, monitor breathing and behavior for 24-hrs to spot potential dangers. K-LOVE's Billie Branham asks emergency pediatrician Dr. Michael D. Patrick about symptoms and signs.

  • Meet Your Neighbors At 'The Turquoise Table'


    A regular mom in a regular town launched worldwide hospitality when she painted a picnic table an unusual hue and plopped it down in her front yard. K-LOVE's Monika Kelly hears how Kristen Schell gathers neighbors and makes friends at The Turquoise Table.

  • Volunteers Build Free Wheelchair Ramps, Change Lives


    “We build ramps for people who haven’t been out of their homes in months.” Texas Ramp Project provides precious freedom for the elderly or disabled with just a few slats of wood. K-LOVE's Felipe Aguilar finds out how from project founder John Laine.

  • 'Helping Hands' Changes Lives In U.S. And Overseas


    Dig a well in Africa. Build houses in Mexico. Offer disaster relief in the United States. Short-term missions trips transform the lives of those who get -- as well as those who give. K-LOVE's Kindra Ponzio checks in with Ron Ashpole of Helping Hands Inter

  • Mission Helps Christian, Muslim Refugees In Middle East


    K-LOVE's Monika Kelly gets an update from Dr. John Cook, founder of Indigenous Ministries which works in nations like Iraq, Syria and Egypt to provide for families devastated by persecution and war.

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