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Planner things, books, mommy life, autism, life as a police wife, recipes, crafts, shows, opinions, advice. This is my life, my world and my thoughts. Sometimes Ill read a poem Ive written.


  • My poetry books

    My poetry books

    30/06/2018 Duration: 02min

    Look for my poetry books in the kindle store. First one is the power in my pen and the second one is battles within by Vanessa Reyes. I also talk about one book July a bit and nanowrimo. Thanks for tuning in

  • Book con 2018

    Book con 2018

    01/06/2018 Duration: 02min

    I’m going to book con 2018

  • Dewey’s readathon half way check in

    Dewey’s readathon half way check in

    30/04/2018 Duration: 01min
  • Wrap up to Dewey’s 24hr readathon

    Wrap up to Dewey’s 24hr readathon

    30/04/2018 Duration: 02min
  • Dewey’s 24hr readathon prep

    Dewey’s 24hr readathon prep

    28/04/2018 Duration: 02min

    What books I’m reading and listening to during this epic readathon.

  • Gaming: currently playing

    Gaming: currently playing

    13/01/2018 Duration: 02min

    Current games I’m playing and I’m hooked on and future plans to stream via twitch more

  • Word of the year

    Word of the year

    08/01/2018 Duration: 03min

    My word of the year and how I am incorporating it into my everyday life.

  • Planner talk!

    Planner talk!

    04/01/2018 Duration: 03min

    Which planners im using currently.

  • Planning Process and Journey

    Planning Process and Journey

    28/12/2017 Duration: 03min

    Today I talk about a requested topic, my planning process from creatyou here on anchor and on ig. Listen in and feel free to call with suggestions and also tell me your planning journey. How did you start into the planning world?

  • My top Reads for 2017

    My top Reads for 2017

    20/12/2017 Duration: 01min

    These are the books I thoroughly enjoyed this year. If you read any let me know! If you want to pick these up please do so! Write these down and you won’t be disappointed

  • Mini book review 1

    Mini book review 1

    17/12/2017 Duration: 03min

    My thoughts on the glass castle. Started another book as well! Listen in

  • Books for Readathon

    Books for Readathon

    08/12/2017 Duration: 02min

    The two books I’ve chosen to read for the shadow lounge Facebook group readathon.

  • Introduction to my podcast

    Introduction to my podcast

    05/12/2017 Duration: 04min