Rick Barker



I have over 20 years experience in the Music Business. Radio, Records and Management. I worked for Big Machine Records and was the former Manager of Taylor Swift.


  • Are You A Good Investment?

    31/05/2013 Duration: 08min

    Think of everyone you want to work with, managers, labels, agents as investors. Are you a good investment?

  • Merchandise Doesn't Sell Itself!

    20/05/2013 Duration: 06min

    Some quick tips on how to sell more merchandise at your shows.

  • Take Advantage of EVERY Opportunity!

    08/05/2013 Duration: 08min

    How to take advantage of every opportunity you are given. I also share new music from Maddy Newton. Get free music advice www.musicindustryblueprint.com

  • You Cannot Buy Success!

    02/05/2013 Duration: 05min

    You may be able to buy your way in, but you cannot buy success. Some quick tips to understanding the music business.

  • So You Want To Be In The Music Business!

    30/04/2013 Duration: 13min

    I will share with you the Reality of the Music Business. I will share with you what others seem to not want to talk about. I will give you some practical solutions to help better your odds in this business. I will talk about The Money and why 99% of musicians make less than minimum wage! We will get HONEST!