A new comedy about friendship, commuting and swearing


  • Director’s Commentary - Interceptors 3

    13/04/2017 Duration: 30min

    Hello, I hope you enjoyed Cooper, and I hope you don't mind but I thought I'd add our new show to this feed. If you like it, fantastic - just search for 'Director's Commentary' and subscribe. If you don't then just delete it and we'll never speak of this again. Director’s Commentary: the Sheridan Monkhouse collection To celebrate the release of Sheridan Monkhouse’s catalogue of classic movies in brand new 4k definition remasters. This series of podcasts takes highlights from the commentary tracks to give insight into the creation of movie masterpieces from one of cinema’s modern geniuses. Director’s Commentary: the Sheridan Monkhouse collection is a new series of scripted comedy from Off Target Productions who brought you Off Target and Cooper.

  • Sheldon

    23/04/2013 Duration: 11min

    Ian is still angry and leaves Cooper with a new companion for the commute

  • Music

    26/03/2013 Duration: 11min

    Cooper is less than impressed with Ian's Ipod. And then, drama! Ian has news.

  • Underwear

    09/03/2013 Duration: 12min

    In which Ian has a controversial birthday present idea and the pair of them get involved in the murky world of espionage.

  • Theatre

    22/02/2013 Duration: 12min

    In which Cooper and Ian meet Duncan, a theatrical Impresario. Bankers are bad. A theatrical production is created and performed.

  • Hangover

    03/02/2013 Duration: 10min

    Cooper is unwell. Last night saw difficulties between Cooper and colleagues. Ian, on the other hand, went on a date.

  • Introduction

    16/01/2013 Duration: 12min

    In which Cooper meets Ian and a friendship begins.