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Hey Actor! Have you ever asked yourself: "How will I get my start? Is it just easy for everyone? I LOVE that actor but how did they begin?" Speak L.A. The Podcast interviews actors, casting directors, producers, agents, managers, headshot photographers and every other person connected to this kooky Industry. We want you to have insight, guidance and inspiration as you make your way to working in L.A. as an actor.... it's a magical place and you'll love it!


  • Rhavynn Drummer Speaks L.A.

    21/05/2019 Duration: 32min
  • Michelle Zeitlin (TALENT MANAGER) Speaks L.A.

    23/04/2019 Duration: 35min
  • Gregg Daniel Speaks L.A.

    03/04/2019 Duration: 32min
  • Heidi Dean Speaks L.A.

    11/03/2019 Duration: 36min
  • Emmersyn Fiorentino Speaks L.A.

    01/03/2019 Duration: 25min
  • Farah Bunch Speaks L.A.

    14/02/2019 Duration: 32min
  • Stephanie Griffin Speaks L.A.

    07/02/2019 Duration: 31min
  • Patrika Darbo Speaks L.A.

    31/01/2019 Duration: 32min
  • Chris Saveedra Speaks L.A.

    09/01/2019 Duration: 32min
  • Michael Campion Speaks L.A.

    18/11/2018 Duration: 31min
  • Bob Bergen Speaks L.A.

    12/11/2018 Duration: 33min
  • Sam Christensen Speaks L.A.

    29/10/2018 Duration: 42min
  • Kathryn Erbe Speaks L.A.

    11/10/2018 Duration: 40min
  • Scott Carlson Speaks L.A.

    19/09/2018 Duration: 33min
  • Russell Baer Speaks L.A.

    06/09/2018 Duration: 40min
  • John Rosenfeld Speaks L.A.

    14/08/2018 Duration: 41min
  • Coco Kleppinger Speaks L.A.

    06/07/2018 Duration: 48min
  • Bruno Oliver Speaks L.A.

    12/06/2018 Duration: 55min
  • Spitfire Casting Speaks L.A.

    18/05/2018 Duration: 36min
  • Adam Ambruso Speaks L.A.

    26/04/2018 Duration: 44min
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