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  • Interview: Actress Ashley Bratcher Discusses Faith, Life, and Her Dream Marvel Role

    20/09/2019 Duration: 32min

    A wide-ranging conversation with the delightful Ashley Bratcher, who discusses everything from her battle with bipolar disorder, to how her life has changed since landing the lead in "Unplanned", to her deep desire to star in an upcoming Marvel feature. She also shares a never-before detail about her life that came to her attention after a total stranger came up to her and said "God put it on my heart to share something with you." Be sure to check out Ashley's scholarship for expectant mothers at http://unplannedmoviescholarship.com

  • Gay Hollywood Designer Describes Shocking 'Damascus Road' Conversion

    05/08/2019 Duration: 50min

    Prior to a chance encounter with a Bible-wielding pastor at a coffee shop in Hollywood, California, Becket Cook would've scoffed at the idea of being a committed Christian. But after that meeting and a subsequent visit to a local church, God dramatically and immediately opened his eyes. Becket joined Faithwire Managing Editor Dan Andros to discuss his incredible testimony. Check out Becket's book here: https://www.becketcook.com/book

  • The Most Daring American Missionary in the World

    06/12/2018 Duration: 15min

    He sometimes brings a gun to the war zones he works in -- but he always brings a Bible. Col. Oliver North tells Faithwire about this incredible story of faith, selflessness, and bravery while previewing his new series, Oliver North's American Heroes.

  • It Can't All Be 'Them': Pastor Miles McPherson on Overcoming Racial Division in America Today

    14/09/2018 Duration: 16min

    Pastor Miles McPherson is uniquely qualified to address the ongoing racial divide in America today. He argues that we are so divided, we have to realize it can't all be 'them' doing the dividing. We have to look inward and find our own weak spots. As a multi-racial youth, Miles saw racism from both sides of the spectrum. An important conversation, one that McPherson has in-depth on this episode and in his new book, The Third Option. https://www.amazon.com/Third-Option-Racially-Divided-Nation/dp/1501172190

  • Hillsong Y & F Talk State of Youth Culture, Faith, and the Real Reason Behind Their New Album's Name

    15/08/2018 Duration: 19min

    Faithwire's Dan Andros chats with Hillsong Young & Free members Laura Toggs, Aodhan King, Melodie Wagner-Mäkinen, and Alex Pappas. The wide-ranging conversation covers their own personal faith walk in the midst of chaotic schedules, if youth culture is becoming more or less inclined to faith, and the real reason behind the name of the album.

  • Kirk Cameron Has a Warning – and a Solution – for Parents in the Tech Addicted Generation

    05/04/2018 Duration: 18min

    "Buckle up": Kirk Cameron joins Faithwire to discuss the challenges of raising children in a tech-obsessed world — and offers a great solution for parents looking for help preparing their family for the dangers lurking online.