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With news, culture and biblical issues, Janet Mefferd Live covers it all, with information YOU can use -- from a show and host who isnt ashamed of the gospel. Join Janet weekdays, live from noon to 1:00 p.m., on AFR.


  • Dr. Calvin Beisner on Janet Mefferd Live

    30/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • Brian Camenker on Janet Mefferd Live

    29/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • The Man Having an Affair with Ilhan Omar Received $230K from Her Campaign, Richard Thompson, President & Chief Counsel for the Thomas More Law Center

    28/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • Beto says abortion on day before a full-term birth is ‘a decision for the woman to make’, Pete Buttigieg Boasts of Executive Experience, Tank Full of Love – Eric Horner

    27/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • University Psychiatrist Compares to Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, DNC Speaker: Socialism in the Constitution & Bible, Library Ends Room Rentals, Effectively Ending Drag Queen Story Time

    26/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • Down Syndrome Drag Show Kicked Out of Venue, 13 Reason Why - Season Three, Spencer Brown on the Lies of the left about Gen-Z & New Feminism

    23/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • California Blames Texas for San Francisco's Homeless Crisis, Wayne Allyn Root says Trump is the Greatest President for Israel & ADF’s Kate Alexander

    22/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • Former Federal Prosecutor and author Andrew McCarthy, PCA Pastor Dr. Al Baker

    21/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • The headline read, “Deranged Christian bursts into library to scream at kids about drag queens…”, SBC Congregation Fully Endorses Homosexuality, Gay Church Membership

    20/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • New goal for New York Times: 'Reframe' American history, and target Trump, too! Buttigieg Dodges Question On Difference Between Religious Democrats And Religious Republicans

    19/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • Rashida Tlaib signals she won't go to West Bank, Immigration Fellow with Centennial Institute, Helen Raleigh Offers Insight into Hong Kong Unrest

    16/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • U.S. Rep. Steve King’s Rape/Incest Remarks Taken Out of Context, Alex McFarland joins Janet Discussing Town Hall Article

    15/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • Ben Howe's Hypocrisy on Full Display Pointing out Trump-loving Evangelicals, Jonathan Keller, President of California Family Council Update on ACR-99

    14/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • Tim Todd & Truth for Youth Bible Week on AFR, California Board of Education Proposes ‘Anti-Jewish’ Curriculum, New Jersey Mayor Stands Against LGBTQ Rights Movement

    13/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • Truth for Youth Bible Week on American Family Radio, Buttigieg Hires Faith Outreach Director, Lutheran Activists Protesting Immigration Policies In Milwaukee

    12/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • If Joe Biden Keeps Talking How Can Trump Lose? The Redefining of “White” in the National Conversation and What is the Definition of a National Emergency?

    09/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • MSNBC Contributor Frank Figliuzzi Discovers “Hidden Nazi Message” In WH Statement, Movie Trailer Pulled by ESPN-“The Hunt”, Race-baiting Russell Moore

    08/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • Main-stream Media Now Making up “News” on the Fly – Wallace-Reyes Exchange, CNN Refuses to Condemn Death Threats to Mitch McConnell

    07/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • Democratic Socialists of America Convention, Tim Winter of the Parent’s Television Council Addresses the Increasing Violence in our Culture

    06/08/2019 Duration: 54min
  • Warren & O'Rourke, "It's Trump's Fault Even if One of the Shooters Was a Delcared Leftist

    05/08/2019 Duration: 54min
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