Dr. Shawn A. Ward



Join us for the rescued church freedom experience


  • God Change my Life!!!

    God Change my Life!!!


    A Play off of Iyanla Change my Life

  • What do you believe Part 2

    What do you believe Part 2

  • What do you believe? Part 1

    What do you believe? Part 1


    Its time to get your belief back how strong is your faith?

  • Rock With Me

    Rock With Me

  • I Cant Breath

    I Cant Breath

  • Stretch



    How far are you willing to be pushed and stretched beyond what you are use to?

  • Hide Go Seek message

    Hide Go Seek message


    Your separation is for purpose! In particular season of our lives God allows us to be hidden in order for us to seek Him! It's time to HIDE and GO SEEK.

  • Im Thirsty

    Im Thirsty


    Im in need of something! Many times we search and search for something to fill a void, get that "thing" and still feel as though we are missing something. Could it be that you are THIRSTY for God? He has everything that we need.

  • Im Thirsty

    Im Thirsty

  • Hands Up

    Hands Up

  • Hands Up

    Hands Up


    When are your hands up? Are they only up when you are in a position of surrendering? Or are they constantly lifted to God? Join us as Pastor Shawn unveils a powerful revelation of how and why our hands should be up.

  • Its Not a Game, Im just hungry

    It's Not a Game, I'm just hungry


    What change or difference in your life would be occur if you were hungry for the right thing? When you are hungry things will change about you and around you. Your hunger for God will force you to do things that are beyond your flesh. Keep on pressing, keep on pushing, keep on moving forward! Despite what is going on in your life, how bad things may seem, stay at the table YOUR HUNGER WILL BE FILLED!

  • I Receive That

    I Receive That


    It's time to get what belongs to you and claim it. I receive that calls forth what God has promised you! In you receiving his promises you then accept what he has to offer. It's not just about receiving what he has promised but understanding that because you are an heir you can have because HE has.

  • Dont Give Up

    Don't Give Up


    You may feel as though you want to give, things are coming in every direction but NOW is the time to FIGHT! Don't give up, don't throw in the towel. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!